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Encap I Am
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 2/24/2015 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Some people understand Encap. Some people don't quite get it. Read this article for a chuckle.
The Power of a Solid Guarantee
Posted by Rick on 8/11/2014 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
The value of a rock solid guarantee can't be overstated.
The Role of Polymer in Encapsulation
Posted by Rick on 6/11/2014
I thought today we could talk a little bit about the role that encap polymers play. There seems to be some confusion within our industry about the function of polymer in an encapsulation detergent. Well if gasoline is what powers your truck’s engine, a good polymer is the fuel of a good encap detergent.
A Simple Cure For Removing Ice Melt Salt From Carpet
Posted by Rick on 6/2/2014 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Road salt, or ice melt becomes a problem in parts of the country that get a lot of snow like we had this past winter. Here is a simple way to remove rove road salt and solve the problems associated with soil tracking and browning that results from salt in the carpet.
Fixing Their Spill Stain Pain
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 5/18/2014 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
I learned long ago that in sales we need to find what’s broken, find where their pain is coming from; and then demonstrate how we can fix it. With commercial carpet one of the most significant points of irritation for many commercial building owners is the problem of recurring spill stains. So how do we identify their pain and fix it? This little article will show you how to turn the number one complaint/problem with commercial glue down carpet into gold for your company.
Time To Gather Nuts
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 9/24/2013 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Winter's coming. Now is the time to give some serious thought to building up your commercial carpet cleaning accounts.
Putting An End To Wicking & Recurring Spill Stains
Posted by Rick on 7/30/2013 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
As professional carpet cleaners, wicking is something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Recently a carpet cleaner asked what causes wicking. And although there are a number of explanations that could be given, here’s a simple way to explain what’s taking place.
Top Ten Reasons To Love Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Posted by Rick on 5/20/2013 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Most carpet cleaners are heavily weighted on the residential side of the business. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that equation. However I’d like to share a few good reasons to at least consider expanding your service offerings to include more commercial work.
Persistence Pays
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 2/12/2013 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Persistence is so very important when it comes to marketing to commercial carpet cleaning customers. If you line up a handful of choice accounts to go after in your area, and then regularly work to acquire these new clients - you'll be amazed at how easy it can be to grow your commercial carpet cleaning business.
The Secret of The "Baker's Dozen"
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 12/19/2012 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
It all comes back around. We’ve all heard that saying applied in many areas of life. But in business those words run deep. “It all comes back around.” That is why in this article I'm proposing that you consider giving your customers a “baker’s dozen” in every transaction that you make with them.
What We Can Learn About Pricing From a Dead Squirrel
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 9/8/2012 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Pricing is relevant. And customers will happily pay for service that delivers value. This EncapBlog article draws from a recent Fast Company article that
Where did the dirt go?
Posted by Rick Gelinas on 7/20/2012 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Have you ever wondered how a carpet can looks so good right after it's been scrubbed with a good encapsulation cleaning system? After all, we all know that the dirt is still there, Right? So why does it looks so good right away? If you've ever wonder about that, this EncapBlog installment swill provide you with the answer.
Why Releasit detergents contain Soileze
Posted by Rick on 12/27/2011 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
So you may have wondered. Why do most of the Releasit detergents contain a built-in fluoro-chemical? There are actually 4 REASONS why the Soileze fluoro-chemical has been added to several of our key products such as Encap-Clean DS2, Encap-1, Encap-Punch, and Encap-Spot. Read this article to learn why Releasit detergents contain Soileze.
Releasit Bio-Encap "GREEN" Encap Detergent
Posted by Rick on 2/21/2011 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
ReleEncap Green Encapsulation Detergentasit Bio-Releasit BIO-ENCAP is highly efective and certifiably "green" with the EPA's DfE (Design for the Environment) certification. Cleaning commercial carpet with Releasit products has always been an environmentally responsible approach to carpet care... No hazardous ingredients, minimal water consumption, no waste water produced, etc. Releasit BIO-ENCAP takes environmentally sensitive cleaning a step further. A GIANT step further! BIO-ENCAP has received DfE certification. This means that every raw ingredient in BIO-ENCAP has been screened and evaluated to determine it's soundness for the environment, and its safety for the cleaning technician and the building occupants.
Plans. Goals. Dreams. The fundamental elements of success.
Posted by Rick on 1/5/2011 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Plans. Goals. Dreams. What do they have in common? How do they relate to on another? And how do they relate to your success? In this EncapBlog video I discuss ideas for making sure that the plans don't fall to the wayside. Simple note taking and follow through are what's required - as well as a little bit of prioritizing and time budgeting. Beyond planning there's setting meaningful goals. I discuss the relationship between planning and attaining goals. And lastly I move to the concept of dreaming. This is not fantasizing - intentional dreaming produces tangible results and is a cornerstone of successful entrepreneurs. Together - plans, goals, and dreams can be useful to help a person achieve success in all areas of life. The video is brief, but hopefully it'll get the wheels turning for you. Wishing you success!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Encap I Am
The Power of a Solid Guarantee
The Role of Polymer in Encapsulation
A Simple Cure For Removing Ice Melt Salt From Carpet
Fixing Their Spill Stain Pain
Time To Gather Nuts
Putting An End To Wicking & Recurring Spill Stains
Top Ten Reasons To Love Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Persistence Pays
The Secret of The "Baker's Dozen"
What We Can Learn About Pricing From a Dead Squirrel
Where did the dirt go?
Why Releasit detergents contain Soileze
Releasit Bio-Encap "GREEN" Encap Detergent

Plans. Goals. Dreams. The fundamental elements of success.
ENCAP-CASH Customer Rewards Program
Comparing Encapsulation with Hot Water Extraction
Why do Carpet Cleaners insist on selling "Method"?
Improving Your "Bedside Manner"
The importance of maintaining confidence when you speak with prospective clients
How To Price Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs
Know when to fold 'em
(aka dealing with "crazy" customers)

Getting Past The Gatekeeper
Dress For Success
Getting your head into commercial marketing

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