How Much Encap Solution Should I be Using?

Posted by Rick Gelinas on 11/12/2017 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The wet-pass/dry-pass method works great for encapping with the Cimex.

How to apply the correct amount of encap solution.

Make a quick wet-pass followed by a slower "mostly" dry-pass with the Cimex. The dual wet-pass / dry-pass method will provide you with even coverage. You're only looking to apply a light coat of detergent solution to the carpet. Try to avoid over-wetting the carpet. 

  1. On the wet-pass you can hold the solution trigger wide open. Walk at a rapid speed with the Cimex on your wet-pass.
  2. On the dry-pass you can tap the trigger occasionally. Walk at a slow speed with the Cimex on your dry-pass.

You shouldn’t observe any whitening on the initial wet-pass. You only want to see a light even whitening on the surface on the dry-pass. Avoid developing a build-up of thick foam.

  • Solution-feed machines: Aim to be in the range of 300 sq ft per gallon of RTU with a Cimex (or a rotary machine with shampoo tank). 
  • Solution-spray applications: With an OP (orbital) or CRB (cylindrical brush) machine, you should reach closer to 500 sq ft per gallon of RTU.

Heavy Soil Areas:

Where the carpet is heavily soiled, make an extra dry-pass or two. Making extra dry-passes increases the agitation. You shouldn’t need to add more than a touch of detergent as you make your extra dry-passes. More is not better with encap. Less is best. Even on filthy carpet. Extra agitation produces better results than adding more solution/wetness to the carpet.

Another technique for heavily soiled carpet is to use Encap-Punch as a pre-spray. It loosens the grunge and encapsulates the soil. Encap-Punch is compatible with Releasit's encap polymer, and works in tandem with Encap-Clean DS2

A Little Releasit Goes a Long Way

It's easy to control the solution flow. With a little practice you'll quickly become an encap pro! Don't use too much. Stretch out your solution as far as you can. A little goes a long way. Releasit is cost-effective and profitable to work with.

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