Know when to fold 'em
(aka dealing with "crazy" customers)

Posted by Administrator on 6/2/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
This week I was talking with one of our customers. He was knee deep in a problem situation with one of his customers. He had failed to fully satisfy his customer. And now nothing he could do was going to make her happy. It was a losing venture at this point. Perhaps you've been in a situation like that at some point in your business. This EncapBlog video addresses how you can possibly avoid crazy situations like this. I hope you enjoy it.


Date 12/1/2011 6:01:16 PM
George Owens
Just listened to your "crazy Customer" comments. Would you feel comfortable sharing a sample service contract? I am new to the industry, having operated a vending service in Ohio from 1990-2004 and retired, I am about to initiate a new business and exit retirement. I like your concept of laying out concepts and defining responsibilities of each party. Also, you seem to have a good manner in approaching relationships. In vending, I depended on service to keep customers and allow the contract

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