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Microbeast Pro 17 inch Scrub Bonnet
MicroBeast Pro Scrub Bonnet

Microbeast Pro 17 inch Scrub Bonnet

Microbeast Pro 17 inch Scrub Bonnet

Microbeast Pro 17 inch Scrub Bonnet
MicroBeast Bonnets
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MicroBeast Microfiber Bonnets


We received a batch of bonnets from China that aren't up to our specs. They scrub well, they just wear a little quicker than we'd like (when used with orbital/OP machines). They work fine with rotary machines. We're fussy about what we sell. So we're unloading these bonnets at a song. 


  • MicroFiber: Deep cleaning gray microfiber strands mixed with blue scrub strips for perfect carpet agitation. Microfiber is the ultimate cleaning fiber, that's why it's used exclusively in hospitals and most commercial institutions.
  • Stability: The MicroBeast Pro is rigid. It's core is constructed with a unique rigid stiffener that prevents it from rolling up under an orbital or rotary machine.
  • Easy to Rinse: MicroBeast Pro bonnets are made with easy to rinse microfiber. Simply rinse them out and keep running them. Ease of rinsing reduces the need to bring a load of bonnets to a job site.
  • Cost effective: The MicroBeast Pro bonnets are intentionally priced affordably. And they hold up well.

How does microfiber clean better than traditional cleaning material?

Ordinary cleaning cloth contains cotton or synthetic fibers. You've seen a piece of cotton so you can know how thick a strand of cotton fiber is. But microfiber has far more fibers and they're infinitely smaller. Because microfiber has more surface area, it has the ability to absorb even more soil than traditional cleaning fiber. Microfiber is also gentler on the carpet than other fibers because it has such a small denier; 1/100th the diameter of a human hair.

Microfiber has the ability to trap soil within its microfiber strands. Microfiber material can pick up even the most microscopic dirt particles. By comparison normal cloth fibers are simply to large to capture the same level of soil. And since the base fiber is made from polyester it also rinses very easily. Microfiber bonnets are extremely durable too!

Here is an image that illustrates the benefits of microfiber over cotton or synthetic fiber. As you can see, microfiber is a superior cleaning fiber.

Sometimes there's confusion about which bonnet size to choose. This article provides a brief overview on bonnet sizing as it relates to rotary and orbital machines. Also a breakdown of pad driver sizing as it relates to the machine size.

Bonnet Sizing 101 - How to Choose the Correct Bonnet Size

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