VARIO Maintenance Tip

Posted by Rick Gelinas on 11/22/2015 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning
It is very helpful to regularly lubricate the rear pivot points of the VARIO with WD40. Spray a generous amount of WD40 onto the axle, the swingarm slots, and the handle locking lever. Perform the lubrication over a hard surface floor, and carefully wipe the excess WD40 from the machine with a rag. Avoid spraying WD40 into the wheel bearings, because it will dissolve the grease in the bearings. Frequent lubrication with WD40 will help keep the machine running quiet and smoothly. Wiping down the VARIO and polishing the metal with Simichrome or another good quality metal polish will also help to keep the machine looking its best.

Enjoy your Vario machine!

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