ENCAP-CASH Customer Rewards Program

Posted by Rick Gelinas on 12/23/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 2 Comments

Introducing the Encap-Cash Customer Rewards program:

Each dollar that you spend online at Excellent-Supply.com receives one reward point (includes most items that are available in our online store). Once you've accumulated 300 rewards points, the points can be redeemed for a $10 Encap-Cash Gift Certificate. You can then spend your $10 Encap-Cash Gift Certificate just like real money for online purchases at the Excellent-Supply.com store. It's like a Thank You Gift from our company to yours. Read the full article for all the details about this program. And enjoy this money saving program from your friends at Excellent Supply!

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Comparing Encapsulation with Hot Water Extraction

Posted by Rick Gelinas on 12/15/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 16 Comments
The question has been asked many times: What are the benefits and drawbacks to the Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction cleaning methods? Hot water extraction is an awesome process for residential carpet cleaning. And encapsulation has proven to be an excellent way to to take good care of commercial carpeting.

This EncapBlog article compares the two methods as each method relates to commercial carpet maintenance. It weighs in on the strengths of both methods. There's no "one size fits all" approach. Both methods have pros and cons. Consider the full article to view the table comparing these two popular methods.

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