Getting Past The Gatekeeper

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 0 Comments
In this installment of the EncapBlog video we discuss HOW TO GET PAST THE GATEKEEPER. This is probably one of the biggest challenges for most of us to handle. The Gatekeeper is the person in the business whose purpose in life is to run interference and keep you from getting through to the person you need to speak with.

So how do we get past the Gatekeeper? How do we first of all find out whop the right person in the organization is? How we get the chance to speak with the Prospect (who in fact is GOLD to our companies growth). Well I've learned a trick that works most of the time. And in this short clip I will let you know how it works. I hope this information will help you get in front of the decision makers who can help you grow your commercial business.

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Dress For Success

Posted by Administrator on 5/5/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 2 Comments
This EncapBlog video deals with making the right impression when you encounter your prospective client. First impressions are critical when it comes to selling commercial carpet cleaning. This video discusses the importance presenting a professional image to your prospect. We're in the business of selling CLEAN - so our appearance and the way we present ourselves should match. In this video I'll share a few techniques that have helped me to fine tune my commercial carpet cleaning sales approach.

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