The importance of maintaining confidence when you speak with prospective clients

Posted by Administrator on 6/30/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 1 Comments
In this EncapBlog video I discuss the importance of maintaining confidence when you're selling. I'm not talking about becoming a cocky salesmen wearing a plaid sports-coat. I'll talk about how to deal with rejection: Let's face it, not everyone is going to buy. And it's easy to send your confidence into a tailspin when you meet rejection in selling. But it is really important to maintain a grip on your confidence. I will share with you a few tricks I've learned that help me when I'm out speaking with prospective clients. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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How To Price Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs

Posted by Administrator on 6/17/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 7 Comments
A very common question that we get at Excellent Supply is "how do you price commercial jobs"? Well there is no hard and fast rule on pricing. In my years of cleaning commercial carpet, I've found that using a sliding scale approach to pricing seems to work best. This installment of the EncapBlog gives a quick overview of the approach that we have taken in our commercial carpet cleaning business. I'll present you with you some things to look for and I'll help you understand how to adjust your rates according to these factors. Hopefully this information will be helpful to you.

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Know when to fold 'em
(aka dealing with "crazy" customers)

Posted by Administrator on 6/2/2010 to Commercial Carpet Cleaning 1 Comments
This week I was talking with one of our customers. He was knee deep in a problem situation with one of his customers. He had failed to fully satisfy his customer. And now nothing he could do was going to make her happy. It was a losing venture at this point. Perhaps you've been in a situation like that at some point in your business. This EncapBlog video addresses how you can possibly avoid crazy situations like this. Avoiding the confrontational butt-heads and focusing on your bread & butter clients makes good sense. I hope you enjoy it.

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