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NEW PRODUCT! Releasit Bio-Encap "GREEN" Encap Detergent

NEW PRODUCT! Releasit Bio-Encap "GREEN" Encap Detergent

Releasit BIO-ENCAP is a powerful encapsulation
cleaner that's good for the environment.

"Green" Doesn't Have To Be Wimpy!

Releasit's Green Footprint
All of the Releasit products are easy on the environment. BIO-ENCAP takes it a step further. Low water usage, no waste-water (sewage) produced, and environmentally sound ingredients contribute to this highly effective "Green" encapsulation cleaning system.

BIO-ENCAP contains a unique environmentally friendly encapsulation bio polymer CRYSTALON-bp which enables encapsulated soil to be extracted from the carpet with subsequent post-vacuumings. The crystallized detergent residue can not attract soil so resoiling is minimized and carpets stay clean longer between cleanings.

Double Strength 32:1 4 ounces per gal.
Fast cleaning production rates Ideal for commercial maintenance
Deep penetrating cleaning Dries to a crystallized residue
No rinsing is required Reduces wicking & recurring spill stains
Safe for stain-resist, most wool, and all types of synthetic fiber
Non-sticky encapsulated residue will not attract other soil

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