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Penguin 5 Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer, 80 PSI

Original price $625.00
Current price $599.00

We've been selling the Penguin Sprayers for years now. It's the ultimate 5-gallon battery-powered sprayer for working with encapsulation cleaning products, applying pre-spray to carpet traffic lanes, application of carpet protector, and for spraying disinfectant. The Penguin is versatile for various cleaning applications as well as garden spraying.

Perfect for every job; this cordless unit goes anywhere with the capacity to handle anything thrown at it!


  • Maneuverable and balanced
  • Heavy-duty gun with metal spray lance
  • Long-lasting battery between charges
  • Built-in charger
  • Twenty-foot coil  hose

Perfect for use as a disinfectant applicator,
with our Disinfectant Sprayer Wand.