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Bio-Encap GREEN Encapsulation Detergent - 1 Gallon

SKU BIO--1125
BIO-ENCAP DS Green Encap Detergent

"Green Doesn't Have To Be Wimpy"

(Double Strength)
32:1  4-ounces per gallon

Releasit BIO-ENCAP DS is safer for the environment.

Cleaning commercial carpet with Releasit products has always been an environmentally responsible approach to carpet care... No hazardous ingredients, minimal water consumption, no waste water produced, etc. 



Releasit BIO-ENCAP takes environmentally sensitive cleaning a step further. E

ach raw ingredient in BIO-ENCAP has been screened and evaluated to determine 1) it's impact on the environment, 2) its safety for the cleaning technician, 3) its safety for the building occupants, and 4) its overall effectiveness.

BIO-ENCAP brings you classic Releasit performance, genuine crystallizing encapsulation, and "green" certification.

"Our objectives in developing BIO-ENCAP were threefold. First, make it effective. After all, what good is any green product if it doesn't clean well? Second, make sure that it truly encapsulates with a crystallizing polymer. In this case a new environmentally friendly bio-polymer was employed. And third, insure that the product is truly good for the environment. Well we're pleased to say that BIO-ENCAP has achieved what we set out to do" (Rick Gelinas - Releasit Founder) 



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