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CTI Pros Choice FIRESTORM V2 High pH Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray CASE



 High pH Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray (Case of 4 92 oz. jars)

  • Need to nuke a trashed carpet?
  • Obliterate the grunge from a rat nasty traffic lane?
  • Make easy work out of a grease-pit restaurant carpet?
Firestorm V2 (version 2) is your go-to pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner for commercial carpet cleaning with intense soil loads. Firestorm v2 lets you pull out all the stops and get the job done quickly. CTI's original Firestorm was already a proven winner in heavy-duty cleaning applications. Now Firestorm V2 cranks up the firepower to an even higher level. Designed for commercial applications such as restaurants, apartments, etc. Use wherever extreme heavy soil is encountered.

Pre-spray: mix 2 oz. Firestorm v2 per gallon of hot water and dissolve completely.
Injection sprayers: for injection sprayers such as hydro-force, dissolve 18 oz. Of Firestorm V2 into 1 gallon of hot water for concentrate solution.

Ph 13
Note: Firestorm v2 is not recommended for natural fibers or stain-resistant carpets.