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HydroShot Sprayer

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The (Battery-Powered) HydroShot Sprayer is Great for Encap Cleaning
The Hydroshot is a portable battery powered sprayer. When we first saw this sprayer we knew it would fit the needs of our customers. It's a clever sprayer for the carpet cleaning community. We recommend this sprayer for the BrushEncap CRB, or for any encap scrubber that doesn't have an onboard spray system.

The Hydroshot is a Game Changer for Portability and Ease of Use
With its half-gallon per minute flow rate, the Hydroshot's 60 psi pump applies the perfect volume of encap detergent. And its 20-foot hose covers good-sized sections of carpet. This is a handy battery sprayer for pre-spraying your favorite encap detergent. Works great with mid-pH products like Releasit Encap-Clean DS2, Bio-Encap, Encap-Basic, Encap-1, and Encap-Punch. The Worx Hydrohot is solidly built and comes with a 3 Year Warranty. This battery-sprayer is so easy to handle, you'll want to use it everyday for carpet cleaning!

The Hydroshot Has Dual Spray Modes:
  • 60 psi - Perfect for applying encap detergent, and non-corrosive detergents
  • 320 psi - Ideal for spraying off your brushes and equipment
Variable Spray Pattern:
  • The rotating head can be set to different spray patterns: tight jet, 15-degree fan, 25-degree fan, 40-degree fan, and shower.
  • Max flow rate of 1/2 gallon per minute
20V Max Lithium Battery
  • Average run-time is approximately 30-45 minutes
  • A fully charged battery is easily good for encapping a couple thousand sq ft.
  • Additional spare batteries can be purchased for $49.99
  • A full charge takes about 5 hours
HYdroshot for the house and garden
  • Use the Hydroshot Sprayer in the garden for watering plants
  • Use the Hydroshot Sprayer to wash the house, car, boat, etc
  • Can be attached directly to a garden hose

Hydroshot Description

Worx Hydroshot - Battery Powered Portable Sprayer

Hydroshot Sprayer

Hydroshot Package Includes:
Hydroshot Sprayer, 20V Max Lithium Battery, Battery Charger, Extension Lance, 20 Foot Hose, Mesh Bag

Hydroshot Sprayer Includes

Adjustable Spray Pattern Head
5 Settings: Stream tight-jet, 15-degree fan, 25-degree fan, 40-degree fan, and shower.

Hydroshot Sprayer

NOTE: The Hydroshot isn't recommended for corrosive detergents, solvents, strong acids, high alkaline, or hydrogen peroxide. But it works well with mid range pH detergents, like Releasit Encap-Clean DS2. And if you'll rinse it out after each use, the spray unit should last a long time. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Optional Additional 20V Max Lithium Battery $49.99
Hydroshot Sprayer

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