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5-inch Sunflower Polishing Pads and 5-inch Rigid Backplate

SKU -INC-5--1736

5" Sunflower Copper-Bond/Resin Pads - for concrete, engineered stoned and granite

5" Aluminum Rigid Backplate provides the perfect platform for the Sunflower Pads

The Sunflower is our most successful multipurpose pad for wet cutting/grinding/polishing on all types of stone, engineered stone, and concrete.

Copper bond exterior with resin bond interior makes quick work of most jobs. Sunflower Pads are real time savers. Aggressive in low grits; even our 400 grit is more aggressive than most comparable pads. Sunflower Pads will remove material providing an ideal preparation for final polishing. The Sunflower's will greatly reduce waves or ripples you see when you look closely at your finished surface on most granites.

  • Copper bond exterior with resin bond interior
  • Aggressive in low grits
  • Ideal preparation for final polishing
  • Will not leave waves or ripples
  • Female hook & loop backing

    Recommended for wet polishing. For longest life and best results these should be used wet or with light head weight and low RPMs - keeping the diamonds moving and the heat down.