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Mercury 1170 rpm High-Speed Buffer / Polisher


Mercury 1170 rpm High-Speed Buffer / Polisher / Burnisher

The Mercury 1170 will produce a quick shine!

Balanced For Even Amperage Draw

To cut down on blowing circuit breakers, 2000 rpm electric buffers have an idler wheel on the front that restricts pad contact. 1500 rpm buffers are typically angled to reduce pad contact on the floor – yet they continually pop breakers. By comparison, the Mercury 1170 can buff all day making full pad contact and it won't overload a circuit. 

1170 RPM | Ideal For All High-Speed Floor Care Applications

Using the Mercury 1170  along with a quality Spray-Buff solution creates a quick shine on coated VCT floors! Can be used to polish terrazzo and marble floors, using DiamondPlus pads. Can be used for a final buff after tile and grout cleaning, to remove any residue from the floor. And it can be used for buffing wood floors too. 

1.5 hp D/C Rectified Motor

Equipped with an industrial 1.5 hp motor. D/C Rectified motor eliminates circuit burn-outs and startup torque problems.

19" Polished Aluminum Long-Deck

No plastic here! The1170 deck is solid cast aluminum for years of dependable use. The deck is polished to a brilliant luster. And the long-deck design provides a stable platform for balanced and efficient buffing.

Belt Driven

Smooth and consistent buffing is achieved with a belt-driven system.


  • “Best Warranty on the Planet” – 5-years on motor and chassis.
  • Burnishing power with 1.5 HP motor.
  • 15 Amp, D/C rectified motor. 
  • 1170 RPM motor speed. Balanced for even load start-up. 
  • 19” apron with non-marking, full-wrap bumper protects walls and baseboards.
  • Low profile drive apron easily reaches under counter coves and beds.
  • Balanced chassis design provides precise pad pressure. 
  • Includes a flexible pad holder with a threaded pad-centering device that conforms to floor irregularities, delivering an even shine and gloss.
  • All-metal chassis gives added weight for a faster, longer-lasting and brighter shine.
  • Designed with safety in mind. The interlock switch leaves both hands conveniently in control. Safety enhanced, non-conductive dual triggers eliminate shock potential.
  • 6” non-marking operating wheels and separate 4” transport wheels prevent tracking of contaminants.
  • Fully adjustable 48” handle is comfortable for all operators.
  • Includes (1) 50-foot, 14/3-gauge safety power cord. The motor plugs into the cable at the handle base for easy maintenance.
  • Machine weight is 78 pounds.

Manufactured in the USA

DC-19-1170 19" Apron, 1170 RPM, 1.5 HP Motor