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CRB Spray System | for BrushEncap, BrushMaster, BrushPro TM4, TM5


BrushEncap, BrushMaster, BrushPro CRB Spray System

Sprayer for CRB Machine, Complete with Tank, Pump, Spray Nozzle with Hoses, and Rubber Mounting Brackets:

Now it's convenient to add an onboard spray system to any of the Austrian CRB machines (excluding the 10" model). Your BrushEncap, BrushMaster, BrushPro, TM-4 or TM-5 CRB machine can now deliver solution on the fly in a controlled manner. Dispensing the solution while the carpet is being scrubbed is the most efficient way to perform encap cleaning. With the new spray system attached to your CRB machine, you can now clean quicker and achieve more consistent results. This spray system brings a whole new level of productivity to your CRB cleaning.

  • 40 psi Onboard Pump & Sprayer System
  • Replacement Handle Section with Sprayer Button
  • Spray Nozzle, Hose & Brackets
  • 1.5 Gallon Tank