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Microfiber GLIDE 21 inch Gentle Microfiber Bonnet

GLIDE Microfiber Bonnet
Soft microfiber bonnet. These microfiber bonnets absorb soil very well. This bonnet's yarn is ideal for softer carpet fiber. 

The BEAUTY of microfiber is the fiber itself. Microfiber has the ability to trap soil within its microfiber strands. Each strand of fiber has the ability to capture and hold soil more efficiently than cotton or other synthetic fibers. And since the base fiber is made from polyester it also rinses very easily. Microfiber bonnets are extremely durable too!

Here is an image that illustrates the benefits of microfiber over cotton or synthetic fiber. As you can see, microfiber is a superior cleaning fiber. Because microfiber has more surface area, it has the ability to absorb even more soil than cotton. Microfiber is also gentler on the carpet than other fibers because it has such a small denier; 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. Bonnets made from microfiber are also easier to launder than other types of bonnets. 

Microfiber compared to other types of bonnet material