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Cimex CR38 15 inch Carpet Scrubber with Pad Drivers | 2 Gallons of Releasit | 1 case of FiberPlus Pads | Free CMS Marketing System | Free Freight to a qualifying commercial address

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The 15 inch Cimex machine (Cimex CR38 CM) is a practical scrubber for tighter areas. It is a great choice for a residential machine and small to moderate commercial carpet cleaning using the encapsulation method. Combined with Releasit encap detergent, the results are nothing short of amazing. Wicking and recurring spill stains can easily be eliminated. Plus, the Cimex CR38 carpet cleaning machine can be used to scrub all types of hard flooring too.  


The Cimex carpet scrubber features powerful counter-rotating triple PLANETARY cleaning head performance. The Cimex heads spin at 400rpm for highly efficient agitation to the carpet fiber. And since the machine has a planetary drive pattern, carpets can be cleaned without any damage to the carpet fiber. The standard 6.6 gallon solution tank is included. 

At Excellent Supply, we offer the lowest price on this incredible carpet scrubber. 

Professional Testing Laboratory in Dalton Georgia has shown that a Cimex carpet cleaning machine using Releasit encapsulation carpet cleaning products and FiberPlus pads, making 22 PASSES on a commercial cut pile carpet, will not damage carpet...

Cimex Test

the cimex cr61 carpet cleaning machine uses planetary action


Cimex Big Boy Wheel Kit Upgrade

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Free Freight
Free Releasit
FREE Cimex Freight to any commercial address in the USA with a loading dock or a forklift.  Or it may be picked up at the local freight terminal. Within the contiguous 48 states.
SAVE $165 -average-
Receive 2 FREE gallon of Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 with your Cimex. The very best encap detergent in the industry.
Retail $73.50
Free Pads Free Marketing
FREE case of FiberPlus Pads with your Cimex. Perfect for commercial carpet cleaning!
Retail $32.70 {NO CHARGE}
FREE CMS Marketing System.
To help you develop your commercial business quickly.

Retail $129 {NO CHARGE}
Wheel Kit Upgrade
Recommended Ramp 
Excellent Supply offers an Exclusive 10" Wheel Kit. Allows the Cimex to glide effortlessly. These wheels are a significant improvement over the stock 7" Cimex wheels.
$205 with Cimex purchase.
($245 if purchased separately)
81" X 24" Folding Ramp
Works with any truck or van. Folds to 40". Aluminum - weighs just 37 pounds. Makes rolling equipment into a truck or van a breeze.

$445 Plus freight
(Special price with Cimex purchase. Regular price is $479 plus freight.)
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Exclusively from the supplier with Obsessive 
Commercial Carpet Disorder at Excellent Supply.

We have obsessive commercial carpet disorder. 



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