FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch 2 Case Bundle (2 cases of 15) SAVE 5% Plus Cheaper

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FiberPlus MAX pads are a moderately aggressive pad that's ideal for scrubbing dense commercial carpeting. These gray colored synthetic pads are well suited for scrubbing loop commercial carpets with strong agitation. The unique FiberPlus MAX pads are perfect for digging dirt out of the carpet. The Max pads will increase your productivity approximately 20% on a challenging commercial carpet. The results are IMPRESSIVE! FiberPlus MAX pads can also be used for hard-floor maintenance cleaning.

Caution: Because the FiberPlus MAX pads are aggressive you should exercise care when using them on carpeting. Only use the FiberPlus MAX pads on durable commercial loop carpeting. And don't allow the machine to remain running on the same spot, keep the machine moving at all times.

Why scrub carpet with pads rather than brushes?
Consider this illustration: you have a greasy frying pan to clean. You could get it clean by scrubbing it with a scrub brush, but if you scrub it with one of those green kitchen pads the pan will clean up even easier. Why? Because the pads make more surface contact. So when we scrub a carpet with a pad the same principle holds true. We have better agitation and we use less solution to get the job done.

FiberPlus Max pads will last approximately 6,000 square feet per installation when used for carpet cleaning.

Measure FiberPlus Pad Wear

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Customer Reviews

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William Hieronymus

These are the perfect scrub pads, strong and last a long time. Just be careful with delicate carpet as they are aggressive. I use them on commercial gdc and they are perfect.

John Cozy

Excellent agitation

David Tomberlin
Great product!

Great product at a great price!

Ralph Gentile

Really like using these pads on our Cimex, great texture & it gets the job done!!

Max L. E
owner, Quality Carpet Cleaning

For the past four years I have used the gray fiber pad on all types of commercial carpet as well as residential such as Berber. We have used them in all types of problems with great results. With DS4 and punchand the pads we took on a Berber that with stood a meth lab. The results was the owner stated that the carpet looked new. To say the least it saved him around $2000.00 in replacement. One more thing Rick, With this system in my area WE DO NOT ADVERTISE, IT IS ALL WORD OF MOUTH!!!

Darren Darner

We have used the Fiber Plus Max pads for many years. They out perform anything else we have tried. They are our go to pad for heavy soiled carpet. Thanks for making such a great product!

Rich Reagan

The FiberPlus MAX pads are the only pad aggressive enough to get the job done. The 2 pack deal is a good value. Excellent Supply has outstanding customer service and I always get my products on time.