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Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies // MAX YOUR ENCAP!

HydroShot Sprayer

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The (Battery-Powered) HydroShot Sprayer is Great for Encap Cleaning
The Hydroshot is a portable battery powered sprayer. When we first saw this sprayer we knew it would fit the needs of our customers. It's a clever sprayer for the carpet cleaning community. We recommend this sprayer for the BrushEncap CRB, or for any encap scrubber that doesn't have an onboard spray system.

The Hydroshot is a Game Changer for Portability and Ease of Use
With its half-gallon per minute flow rate, the Hydroshot's 60 psi pump applies the perfect volume of encap detergent. And its 20-foot hose covers good-sized sections of carpet. This is a handy battery sprayer for pre-spraying your favorite encap detergent. Works great with mid-pH products like Releasit Encap-Clean DS2, Bio-Encap, Encap-Basic, Encap-1, and Encap-Punch. The Worx Hydrohot is solidly built and comes with a 3 Year Warranty. This battery-sprayer is so easy to handle, you'll want to use it everyday for carpet cleaning!

The Hydroshot Has Dual Spray Modes:
  • 60 psi - Perfect for applying encap detergent, and non-corrosive detergents
  • 320 psi - Ideal for spraying off your brushes and equipment
Variable Spray Pattern:
  • The rotating head can be set to different spray patterns: tight jet, 15-degree fan, 25-degree fan, 40-degree fan, and shower.
  • Max flow rate of 1/2 gallon per minute
20V Max Lithium Battery
  • Average run-time is approximately 30-45 minutes
  • A fully charged battery is easily good for encapping a couple thousand sq ft.
  • Additional spare batteries can be purchased for $49.99
  • A full charge takes about 5 hours
HYdroshot for the house and garden
  • Use the Hydroshot Sprayer in the garden for watering plants
  • Use the Hydroshot Sprayer to wash the house, car, boat, etc
  • Can be attached directly to a garden hose

Hydroshot Description

Worx Hydroshot - Battery Powered Portable Sprayer

Hydroshot Sprayer

Hydroshot Package Includes:
Hydroshot Sprayer, 20V Max Lithium Battery, Battery Charger, Extension Lance, 20 Foot Hose, Mesh Bag

Hydroshot Sprayer Includes

Adjustable Spray Pattern Head
5 Settings: Stream tight-jet, 15-degree fan, 25-degree fan, 40-degree fan, and shower.

Hydroshot Sprayer

NOTE: The Hydroshot isn't recommended for corrosive detergents, solvents, strong acids, high alkaline, or hydrogen peroxide. But it works well with mid range pH detergents, like Releasit Encap-Clean DS2. And if you'll rinse it out after each use, the spray unit should last a long time. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Optional Additional 20V Max Lithium Battery $49.99
Hydroshot Sprayer

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dana Elizabeth Hansen
A worthwhile option

I tried the HydroShot for the first time today. As some others have said the spray pattern to an adjustment on my part but that happened quickly. My hand definitely noted the weight balance difference compared to my last sprayer but nothing that would make me not want to keep using it. Seems like a solid option compared to others I've owned.

Fred Van Ry

I just used my new HydroShot sprayer for the first time. Very impressed. I have used other sprayers, IPS Pro, but this one blows them out of the water. I like the dual strength sprays. Good quality tool.

Mark Hart
Worx Hydro Shot

As you know, the first sprayer I received would not prime the draw hose. Second one worked fine. However, I note what I consider to be a major problem. The battery pack lasts for less than an hour of use and takes at least 6 hours to charge. This is not good with large amounts of s/f to be treated. Concept, but, not for commercial work.

Nate Whittington
Carpet Cleaner

I received the Worx Sprayer a few weeks ago and it seems to be holding up well. I use it to pre spray my HWE and Encap solutions and it works well. Battery life while using the sprayer seems to last. Con: Battery takes long to charge (You can over come this with an extra battery) You can't turn the direction of the fan pattern on the spray. I'm used to spraying side to side not up and down. For the money I can't complain, it's built well and folds up easily.


We have been using this sprayer for prespray and has been awesome.

Stephen Hamilton

The hydroshot is a simple, rugged buttkicking cordless sprayer. I use it for low ph carpet solution such as the Releasit line, spraying down my machines after a job, applying bug spray around the outside of my house and washing windows. With the short lance, it is a gentle sprayer. With the long lance, it suddenly comes to life and seems to triple the power! Buy a second battery and keep them topped off. They have built in indicators so you know how much juice is left. This will not disappoint!

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