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Oreck LB9000 - Vario Tile and Grout Brush | MAL-GRIT SCRUB BRUSH


MAL-GRIT SCRUB BRUSH for Vario and Oreck LB9000 - 17 inch

The Mal-Grit Scrub becomes a balanced power scrubber for tile, grout, concrete, etc. The Mal-Grit Scrub Brush is ideal for daily scrubbing and maintenance. While the smaller diameter bristles offer flexibility, the larger grit size offers exceptional scrubbing.

The Mal-Grit Scrub Brush is impregnated with substantial abrasives for deep cleaning of hard surface flooring. The Mal-Grit Scrub's crimped bristles also have sufficient flex to dip into the grout lines. And the brush bristles are staggered with a high-low pattern to make it easier to get into textured floors and grout lines.

Close up view showing the Mal-Grit Scrub's high-low bristle pattern:
Mal-Grit Scrub Bristle Pattern