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Professional Bucket Heater 2 HEATER BUNDLE

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2 Bucket Heater Bundle

These heaters are designed to heat water continuously to over 180f and towards boiling, depending on the volume of water and the container's insulation. Will not damage plastic containers. Great for use with 3-5 gallon buckets (designed to rest inside a 5 gallon bucket). Recommended for heating water only.

A single Bucket Heater will bring a 14-qt bucket of room temp water to a simmer in approximately 20-30 minute. With two bucket heaters, those results can be achieved in 15-20 minutes. And although Releasit products work well in any temperature, there is an advantage whenever HOT water is available. Fill up your Cimex, Vibe, Orbital, Battery Sprayer, Rotary Machine, or Portable Extractor with steaming hot water unsurpassed cleaning results. These heaters are also great for giving a boost when cleaning in oily/greasy conditions.

We recommend using 2 Bucket Heaters for optimum results. Here's how it works: 
Start by placing 2 heater into your first bucket of water as you begin to set up the job. Within an about 15-20 minutes you'll have a bucket of steaming hot water! Thereafter, place each heater into 2 separate buckets. Then as you use subsequent buckets of water for your job, leapfrog the heaters from one bucket to the next. Moving the heaters down the line to each successive bucket provides sufficient time for each bucket of water to get steaming hot before you use it. Using 2 heaters in this manner will provide you with an ample supply of hot water! And since hot water increases your cleaning efficiency, you'll see a nice boost to your cleaning performance when you use 2 bucket heaters in tandem.

To see how quickly 2 heaters can heat water, watch the short video clip below:

Bucket Heater Specs:
  • Designed to heat water
  • 1000 watt heating element
  • While immersed in water, a single heater can heat continuously past 180 degrees F and towards boiling, depending on the volume of the water and the container's insulation
  • The unit comes with a stainless steel guard and has an automatic shut - off
  • Comes with a 6' cord and is designed to rest easily inside a 5 gallon bucket
  • UL, CSA Listed