Releasit Sample 3-Pack FREE

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Releasit Encap Sample 3-Pack

Free Samples of the world's best encapsulation carpet cleaning products!

Releasit Sample 3-Pack FREE

ENCAP-CLEAN DS2 (FREE 16 Ounce Sample)
With its potent encapsulation cleaning performance, Encap-Clean DS2 has become the benchmark for encapsulation shampoos in the carpet cleaning industry. Its powerful formulation mixes at 4 ounces per gallon. It out-cleans every other encap shampoo on the market today. Encap-Clean DS2 is loaded with its unique Crystalon3 encapsulation polymer that encapsulates soil and holds it in suspension until it can be extracted from the fiber during the post-vacuuming process. Encap-Clean DS2 combines a built-in Soileze protector along with a soil-resisting polymer, so the carpet will not attract soil and will actually stay clean longer between individual cleanings.

ENCAP-HYDROX (FREE 16 Ounce Sample)
Encap-Hydrox brings strong oxygenating cleaning power to encapsulation. Encap-HydrOx contains a special modified encap polymer that works in conjunction with its highly active peroxide base. Encap-HydrOx is useful for extraction cleaning, shampooing, and spotting. It is perfect for organic soils, browning, urine, red wine, coffee, ice melt, etc.  

ENCAP-PUNCH  (FREE 16 Ounce Sample))
Encap-Punch is a unique 3-in-1 encapsulation product. Encap-Punch is first of all a strong encapsulating traffic-lane/pre-spray that is loaded with Crystalon3 encapsulation polymer. This CRI approved pre-spray is powerful enough for everyday cleaning challenges. It emulsifies embedded soil, making the cleaning process easier. And since Encap- Punch is a true crystallizing encapsulation detergent it can effectively become 3 powerful encapsulation products in one: (1) an encap pre-spray / traffic lane cleaner, (2) an encap hot water extraction cleaner, and (3) an encap bonnet cleaner. With its built-in Soileze protector and its soil-resisting encap polymer, carpets resist re-soiling and stay clean longer.

(FREE 16 Ounce Sample)
All of Releasit encapsulation shampoos are totally safe for the environment. But sometimes a particular account may desire that you use a "GREEN" product, and that's when Bio-Encap is the product to choose. Bio-Encap is not marketing hype like so many products today that throw the word GREEN into their product marketing. Bio-Encap has been formulated with raw ingredients that have been certified as safe for the environment. Bio-Encap is not just GREEN - it also packs a powerful cleaning punch!

(FREE 16 Ounce Sample)
Encap-Basic introduces an effective cost-saving encap shampoo to the Releasit line. It contains the same Crystalon3 polymer found in other Releasit products. And it will cleanvery well at a rate of 4-8 ounces per gallon, depending on the soil conditions.

Releasit Soileze Protector is built right into a number of Releasit products. But when additional protection is desired, full strength Soileze can impart the ultimate soil-resistance. Soileze is highly effective on water-based, oil-based, and alcohol-based soil. And Soileze is compatible with the Releasit encapsulation polymer.

(FREE 8 Ounce Sample)
Encap-Spot can be used without rinsing. As a potent multi-purpose spot remover it tackles a wide range of spots. And since it is an encapsulation product, it does not require rinsing (unlike typical spotting products). Simply apply Encap-Spot and blot the spot with a towel. It is like having an extractor in a bottle.

FOAM-GUARD  (FREE Sample Size Jar)
Kills foam build-up fast! Simply sprinkle a little Foam-Guard directly onto the carpet and then proceed with normal hot water extraction. This fast-acting crystal defoamer instantly cuts the foam so your extractor can perform properly. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
James Morgan

Had a filthy rental carpet , pre-sprayed with punch and DS2 , Great job ! Owner was impressed ! Wil definitely use me in the future .

Kenneth Chance
Great customer service

Just started with them and so far their customer service is excellent!

Danny Tillotson
Releasing sample 3 pack

Ordered the sample 3 pack (DS2, Hydrox, Encap Spot) Shipping was quick, packaged and sent the same day. received in 4 days.
I used it to clean my living room. I have 4 dogs so the room gets a workout, DS2 worked great & my carpet looks amazing.
Encap Spot works fast and is great for touchups between cleanings. I will be ordering more.

Khiry At Prizerv
Works as promised

I’ve tried Encap spot and DS2. Both are great products. I have yet to try Punch, but I will soon. I’ve used the Encap spot on a car headliner and DS2 on a car seat stained with dried syrup. I’ll be buying gallons soon. Thanks.

Pristine Car Cleaning LLC
Encap DS2

So far I have only tried the Encap DS2 carpet cleaner. It is a fantastic product that cleans great. Carpets come out looking new and fresh.

Great way to try great products!

Tried encap spot and ds2 and am loving both!

Tyler Jones
Clean as can be

We used the HydroOxy to replace Kirbys oxy its cheaper does a better job sometimes it kill stains prior to even touching the carpet just spray it on and it eats it away.... Great product..

Damon Mabry
Worked well

Great product! I used it on a really nasty rent house and it worked very well. It took out every stain.


Definitely will be making a purchase soon. Great products

Ryan Grabowski
Awesome stuff!

Cleans really well. I wish they didn't smell as strong, but the cleaning power is incredible