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Simoniz Gum Spray (9 oz can)


Simoniz Chewing Gum Remover - Freeze Spray (9 oz cans) SINGLE CAN


We’ve brought in the Simoniz Gum Spray because it represents the best value we‘ve seen in a cost-effective gum spray. Your first line of defense when it comes to simple and efficient removal of gum, wax, tar, or other sticky substance from carpet. Freeze the spot and gently scrape away the residue.

We recommend a 2 step process for total gum residue removal:

  1. Freeze the spot, and gently chip the frozen residue with a blunt scraper
  2. Dab the spot a solvent-type spotter to remove any sticky residue that may have penetrated down into the fiber. The carpet can then be cleaned like normal.