Malish-ScrubFlex (RED) Tile and Grout Brush for the Orbot OSFB 17R

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Malish-ScrubFlex [RED] Tile and Grout Brush (Modified for the Orbot)  OSFB 17R

Use this multi-purpose brush to scrub tile and grout like you've never imagined. The Orbot machines generate 1725 orbits per minutes. As a result, the bristles of this brush pick away at the soiled grout lines and pores in the tile as well as the edges due to the unique flared bristle design of this brush.
The RED Malish ScrubFlex 583417 is equipped with a Velcro felt backing that securely grips the Orbot pad driver. It can be attached to an Orbot Vibe or Orbot SprayBorg Velcro drive plate. If your machine has a bristle pad driver – install a 19" black stripping pad and then attach the Scrubflex brush to the pad. 

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Tony Moore
Works well on tile and grout

So far I have only used it on a large master bathroom white tile and grout. The grout was almost black with lots of hair spray. The brush quickly scrubbed it right out with the Orbot Vibe. Didn't even use the tile spinner. I rinsed with a Floorwash 5000 and then used a microfiber pad on the tile to finish. Turned out great!