X-Vac Pile Lifter by Kleenrite

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The X VAC provides Xtreme soil removal of dry particles imbedded in carpet fibers and Xtreme pile lifting capabilities. Regular use of an X VAC helps keep carpeted areas cleaner and visibly more attractive while promoting a healthier environment due to the X VAC's high micron filtration capabilities. The X VAC is ideal for commercial carpet care programs and for dry soil extraction prior to wet-cleaning or low-moisture cleaning of carpets in residential or commercial environments.
X-Vac Pile Lifter by Kleenrite
X-Vac Pile Lifter by Kleenrite

The Xtreme Pile Lifting High Air Flow Vacuum
Clean, restore and maintain the appearance of all carpets!

FILTRATION: Heavy duty, mildew resistant, high efficiency (0.3 micron filtration outer bag), and 99% (0.3 micron filtration disposable inner bag) for a clean and safe environment
HIGHEST VELOCITY VACUUM FAN: (10,300 RPM) Highest of any pile lifter on the market today. Removes more fine particulate.
DUAL MOTOR SYSTEM: The dual motor system is protected from dust and debris. The protective roto-molded cover suppresses noise making it quieter than other pile lifters.
POSITIVE BRUSH DRIVE: Positive brush drive insures solid brush action even on high pile or severely matted carpet.
SELF LEVELING BRUSH: The self leveling brush is reversible to extend brush life, it is self cleaning, and it will not break or damage cut pile or loop pile carpet.
EASY CLEAN DEBRIS TRAY: Easy open - easy clean solid debris tray. Collects heavy particles such as paper clips, allowing fine and lint to enter the vacuum fan and top disposable bag.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT LOCK: Operator comfort is insured with an infinite degree of height adjustments. Handle has a positive lock for operator ease when stair climbing, transporting to different locations, and when not in use.
VACUUM & BRUSH CONTROL: Fingertip control makes it easy to power both the brush and vacuum motors simultaneously.
ALUMINUM BASE: T The durable aluminum base is black powder coated. The wide stance handle assembly provides optimum maneuverability.
POWER: The X-Vac comes equipped with a 50? detachable cord. Operates on a 15 amp circuit.
ORDERING NOTE: Kleenrite machines are produced on demand after they are ordered. Please allow 4 weeks from the time you place your order to allow for manufacturing and shipping.

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Dave Nelson
Owner Nelson's Green Clean

This machine kicks butt! Very easy to use. You can actually see the difference in the cleanliness of the carpet just after using it. My customers love it. It is a powerful cleaning tool as well as marketing tool. The customers actually see and if they chose to feel it working. Excellent machine! Worth every penny if you truly care about exceptional job quality.