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Rick Gelinas, the EncapMan, pioneer of encapsulation carpet cleaningRICK GELINAS - ENCAPMAN

I have been involved with the commercial cleaning industry since I started my first cleaning business "Pioneer Maintenance" back in 1982, when I was 21. In the ensuing years, I searched high and low for a more efficient way to clean commercial carpets - eventually discovering the encapsulation carpet cleaning method combined with the Cimex machine. Today we still operate a successful commercial carpet cleaning business called KLEENSTEP that serves West Central Florida. Through my involvement with commercial carpet cleaning I went on to establish  this online supply company providing commercial carpet cleaning equipment, cleaning detergents, and encapsulation products. And with the help of some very bright chemists I also developed developed a line of encapsulation carpet cleaning products called RELEASIT. Releasit has become the favorite brand of encapsulation detergents for many cleaning contractors, and is considered the benchmark for encapsulation in the carpet cleaning industry.

I'm pleased to share what I’ve learned with cleaners around the world, helping them if I can. The carpet cleaning industry is in an exciting place with the advent of encapsulation technology. I’m excited to be involved with this development, and to have had a share in pioneering this effective and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Together the entire staff at Excellent Supply - we stand ready to assist you as you grow your commercial carpet cleaning business.

Our team of Encap Professionals all share the same passion for the cleaning  industry. In fact we all have a major case of OCCD "Obsessive Commercial Carpet Cleaning Disorder". We can't hide it. The symptoms are obvious to all. At Excellent Supply we eat sleep breathe commercial carpet. So give us a call and put our obsession to work to work for your company!

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