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Releasit Encap-Punch 4 Gallon Case Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Products (Encap)
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Releasit Encap-Punch 4 Gallon Case Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Products (Encap)

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Encap-Punch is a powerfully unique 3-in-1 encapsulation detergent

  • Encap Pre-Spray / Traffic Lane Cleaner
  • Encap HWE Hot Water Extraction Detergent
  • Encap Bonnet / Pad Cleaner

Releasit® Encap-Punch SYNERGY
Encap-Punch is an integrated multi-purpose encapsulation formula - traffic lane pre-spray, hot water extraction rinse detergent and bonnet/pad cleaner. Encap-Punch is the only traffic lane cleaner recommended for use with the entire RELEASIT® line of encapsulation products.

Releasit® Encap-Punch IS POWERFUL
Encap-Punch is a next-generation detergent formulated with a brand new surfactant. This unique product has enough punch to attack oily and water based soils. It contains fast acting solvents and a special blend of cleaning agents that will knock the competition out cold.

Releasit® Encap-Punch Dries to a Crystal
When Encap-Punch dries it forms one of the best releasing crystals in the industry. A brittle crystal is produced that can be extracted from the fiber with routine vacuuming. The crystallized detergent residue can not attract soil, so resoiling is minimized.

Contains SOILEZE Fluoro-Protector
Encap-Punch is built with SOLIEZE advanced fluoro-protector to assist in anti-resoiling. Carpets stay clean longer. There are four benefits to using incorporating a Fluoro-chemical... 
1) It helps the encapsulating crystal release more easily from the fiber.
2) It also lowers the surface tension of the detergent and thereby increases wetting and cleaning ability. 
3) It provides great anti-wicking properties. 
4) It will leave the carpet more soil resistant.

Releasit® Encap-Punch Contains Tea Tree Extract
Encap-Punch is formulated with Australian Tea Tree extract for a fresh and natural scent. Tea Tree has wonderful sanitizing properties, however it would require a higher concentration of Tea Tree oil than we are using to accomplish true sanitizing. What we do have is a nice, fresh, clean, healthy scent. The Tea Tree aroma is wonderful. The Melaleuca extract imparts a light scent to the carpet. As you clean with Encap-Punch the room is filled with a light clean, natural fragrance - not overpowering.

Releasit® Encap-Punch Is Safe For Most Fibers
Encap-Punch is specially formulated with a powerful detergent blend designed for deep soil penetration. Encap-Punch pre-treats and breaks down heavily imbedded soil in all types of synthetic carpets (commercial and residential). Yet it's safe for stain-resist and synthetic carpet and upholstery fiber.

Encap-Punch has been awarded the CRI Seal of Approval

What does it mean if a product earns the Seal of Approval?

It means the product is considered to be a superior performer because many of the products that are tested are actually ineffective. So, The Seal is meant to distinguish superior carpet cleaning products from those that do not remove stains or soil and that may even harm the carpet's appearance or performance.

What about pre-spray product testing?

For pre-spray and in-tank products, the independent testing lab applies each cleaner to uniformly soiled carpet according to the manufacturers' instructions. The difference in soil level between the cleaned sample and the control (cleaned with water) is rated instrumentally, and by a panel of independent technicians. Next, synthetic soils are applied to the cleaned carpet samples, which are then reevaluated to test the rate of resoiling.

What are the testing criteria?

Each cleaning product is tested according to the manufacturer's instructions by three trained, independent technicians. They test for overall effectiveness, rate of resoiling, pH, optical brighteners and colorfastness to light. Plain water is used on an additional sample of stained carpet as a control.

...Source CRI -The Carpet And Rug Institute


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Rating Owner 3/27/2014
Reviewed by: from Genie Services inc., Rome, New York.
Punch is really unbelievable! We use it mainly as a pretreatment for commercial carpet cleaning - traffic lanes just disappear and it eliminates pre-spotting saving us time and money.
Rating Owner, Crown Carpet Cleaning 3/12/2014
Reviewed by: from Blacksburg/Roanoke Virginia.
Punch is for the nasties. We use it as our exclusive pre-spray, and we use it as a pad/bonnet cleaner for the worst cases we encounter. It never fails to produce excellent results, and will not let you down!
Rating Owner 3/1/2014
Reviewed by: from Plover, WI.
What a great pre spray, etc! We have used this for many years. A must have if you do commercial carpet
Rating Encap Punch is the best ! 7/2/2013
Reviewed by: from Florence,SC.
I have tried many products for cleaning carpet and Encap Punch is by far the best! This is my main "go to" cleaning product. If you are looking for the best all around cleaner, look no further. This is the one. I use this product with my Orbot Sprayborg while encap, pad cleaning. You will be totally delighted with the results when using Encap Punch!
Rating Owner/Operator 6/27/2013
Reviewed by: from Appleton, New York .
Encap-Punch is magical. I use this product daily and the results are amazing. It has a refreshing scent and packs a cleaning "punch"! I have had great success from greasy restaurant carpets to heavily soiled residential carpets. It works great for the smelly carpets to. I use this in combination with my crb and dry cleaning compound, bonett cleaning or even just straight encap with my Cimex. This week I actually used it on a very heavily soiled micro fiber sofa set along with hwe. The furniture looked showroom new.. Thanks Excellent Supply.
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