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BrushEncap Machine - 20-inch CRB PRO 20
Counter-Rotating Brush Carpet Cleaning Machine TM5

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20" CRB Machine

This is the genuine Austrian Made CRB machine. 
We do NOT sell the Strong Dry machine.

Great for encap cleaning and for dry compound cleaning
With the Renovator trays, ideal for pile-lifting and dry soil removal

  • 20" brush width
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Low maintenance, high longevity
  • 380 rpm brush speed - safe for loop and cut pile carpet
  • Quiet and smooth operation (78db at 5m)
  • Lightweight for easy handling (47 pounds)
  • Machines have a 20+ year track record for quality
  • Comes With White Brush Set (medium/standard)
  • Includes the Renovator collection hoppers for dry soil recovery
  • Includes the transport dolly (shown in the photo above)
  • Optional tandem accessory can link 2 machines for wider areas
  • Optional SprayGrip spray system adds ability to spray from an external sprayer
  • NOTE: Machine now ships with blue standard bristle brush set (rather than white).
  • CAUTION: Avoid using Procyon, or other salt-based detergents. Salt-based detergents are highly corrosive and they have been known to cause significant damage. Using salt-based detergents can void the warranty.

    Optional Spray System:
    The optional CRB Spray System enables you to connect an onboard sprayer to your BrushEncap machine. Shown below:

    EncapBrush CRB Machine

    Equipment Leasing

    Each CRB machine has various brush offerings. Select the appropriate brushes that correspond to your machine from the guide below.

    Ribbed Mats, Textured Floors, Tile /  Grout

    Recommended brush: Stiff

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