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Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies // MAX YOUR ENCAP!
Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies // MAX YOUR ENCAP!
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What Our Customers Are Saying


We've been a customer for about nine years and we stick with them because they treat us right! We give them business and they deliver EXCELLENT SERVICE! We just love everything about Excellent Supply and its staff! Keep up the good work!

 — Jay & Jill White

We have been using Releasit for many years with great results, however we decided to change product for cost saving measures, but the results weren't close to Releasit.

— Maurice Lesperance

Excellent Supply’s service is uncontested. Their knowledge of floors, equipment, parts cannot be matched in the industry.”

— Ed Crawford

It is my pleasure to offer this feedback for Excellent Supply. Rick's staff always goes the extra mile to assist when needed. I have the good fortune of living in the Clearwater area and Rick and his staff have helped resolve problems with equipment breakdowns, emergency orders, rigging my equipment, and even came out to a job site to assist with a problem.

I believe Releasit chemicals & FiberPlus Pads are second to none. I truly do not know for sure though because I have had such success with them, that I refuse to use any other products. know Rick only pushes the commercial side of carpet cleaning with his products but I use it in residential as well and most of my customers love the results. If you have never used these products and are considering them, give it a try.....you won't regret it!

— Guy Colerick

I found Excellent Supply through Google about a year or so ago and let me say that it has been a great find. I love the customer service, and I love the products. I just bought my first cimex. I had been using Encap-Clean DS2 and the FiberPlus pads with a 175 and the products have worked amazingly well. Then I decided to go forward with the Cimex machine and it has not let me down. I love the fact that I can call Excellent Supply and talk to someone that is so knowledgable in the area of carpet cleaning. I give a resounding THUMBS UP to Rick and his crew…

— John Micheal Rogers

Excellent Supply is a fantastic company. I have used them for the past 5 years and plan to continue our partnership. All the staff are extremely helpful and go the extra mile. Not to mention their products and chemistry work the best in the Encap World! Thanks so much to you Rick and all your staff!

 — Craig H. Howell

I am absolutely amazed at how great the Releasit products work with the Cimex machine. As someone who has been bonnet cleaning for years I was expecting similar results but was hoping to simply save a little more time. Not only did it save me time but the results were the best I've ever seen. I feel very confident that I can send any of my employees out on their own and they will do an outstanding job thanks to your product. Ms Brenda helped me as if she was a friend, looking up articles and forum comments to answer any questions I had. Thank you for all that you guys do. It will have a tremendous impact on my business.

— Bryan Burriss

As a commercial cleaning company that strictly serviced VCT floors, such as grocery and other retail stores, we were  frequently asked if we also clean commercial carpets. Our answer for many years was “No, Sorry".  That was until I called Excellent Supply one day looking for a part for our old Cimex machine that we used for stripping floors.  I had a phone conversation with Rick, who asked if I ever used my Cimex to clean commercial carpeting.  Rick sent a sample of his Releasit encapsulation cleaner, which to us became a commercial carpet cleaning company in a bottle.  Commercial carpet cleaning is now a large part of our floor cleaning service company.  If you are a VCT guy/company, quit throwing money and opportunities away.  Call Rick today.

 — Michael Craig

I LOVE the Encap Punch!!  It has given me many WOW opportunities in front of my customers which is awesome!!  Thank you for such EXCELLENT products and customer service!!

 — Aaron Baum

Just a note to let you know how happy we are with Excellent Supply as a "total experience". Your products, equipment and staff have never failed to exceed our expectations. Certainly "encap" cleaning has enabled us to raise our level of cleaning results in the commercial marketplace. Our goal for 32 years has been to always deliver service that leaves no room for complaint. Excellent Supply has been instrumental in helping us to accomplish just that! Again, many Thanks and warmest regards to the Excellent Supply family.

 — Stan Kowalski

Here at David and Goliath Floor Care we use both FiberPlus and FiberPlus Max pads exclusively - there is not a better pad in our opinion. When we combine them with Encap-HydrOx the traffic lanes go away with only one pass

— David Coulter

As always I am happy with the service, products, and shipping. That is the reason I continue to order my products from Florida when I'm all the way up north in Ohio. Keep up the quality and you will continue to have my business.

 — James C. Blake II

I would like to thank you for the "excellent" service I have received from you and your professional staff. It's nice to be able to call and speak to the owner but even better when you can call and actually speak to several different staff members that have extensive product knowledge and training. After doing business with several national distributors I know that knowledgeable staff is hard to find and many just take orders.

I have been cleaning with HWE for 11 years. Recently, after buying a cimex and your products, I have limited my HWE usage. The results are simply unbelievable. My commercial accounts are amazed with the cleaning results. They say the carpets look cleaner and stay cleaner longer. They love how spots are eliminated and don't resurface.

Your forum is a great tool for many cleaners in the trade. Several great cleaning professionals are ready to chime in with help and support. I have found this very helpful as I transition my carpet cleaning business. Keep up the great work!

 — Rob Dockery

We have used the chemicals, Cimex and pads for the last 3 years. I started this business for a friend and when he wanted out I bought it. Although I have been in the business over twenty years, some for myself and some for others. Of all the products out there, personally I can't see using anything else. And if I tried, my son, who works with me, would quit. I mentioned once. about looking at another chemical and he came unglued.  In three years we have not had a complaint and we are called in when others fail. From meth labs in homes to factory offices, we get it all, and so do your products.  We do not advertise, word of mouth keeps us busy. God Bless and keep the products coming!!

 — Max Ervin Sr. 

I've used encapsulation chemistry over the past 9 or 10 years - pretty much since it's infancy. I've tested several brands and seen a lot of changes through those years. The products of Excellent Supply have consistently led the encap market and provided consistently better results over all other products on the market. Better results with excellent customer service and technical direction - it doesn't get any better than Excellent Supply.

 — David Edwards

Service is always excellent. The products - Encap-Clean DS2 and Encap-Punch especially are top notch. While we don't do a ton of commercial jobs, the ones we do are blown away by the results.  I have tried other products and they work OK, but not to the levels we experience with Releasit DS. Our machine of choice for commercial cleaning job is the Cimex with FiberPlus pads. They help make older worn carpet look like new by deep cleaning and reviving the fibers that have gotten crushed from foot traffic. 

We tend to do a lot of attorney offices and liquid spills are a constant battle, with coffee and drinks stains. Using Releasit helps to remove and keep them away in most cases.  Our clients are happy with the results and that makes us happy. Thanks for a great product line and support.

 — Carl Newton

We recently purchased a Cimex, FiberPlus pads and a starter kit from Excellent Supply. We were extremely impressed with the results. We have tried other pads and encapsulating products and they don't compare!  The customer service is outstanding and we always look forward to the friendly note that comes in our packages :-) We will be a lifetime customer!

 — Justin McKerrow

Excellent Supply has helped our company in so many ways. We only want the best products and we have searched many to finally find Releasit as our number 1 choice. We will never go back to the old products we were using ever again.

 — John Hazdovac

Rick, I would like to say your staff is awesome! I have never had a bad dealing with them in all the years  I've been in the carpet cleaning business. They are always very helpful with questions on chemicals, supplies and equipment repairs. Keep up the great customer service.

 — Nick Palumbo, Sr.

I have done business with several suppliers in this industry and Excellent Supply stands out as a company that truly wants to help their customers, not just sell products. I have benefited greatly from Rick's willingness to share his hard earned knowledge and passion for excellent service. After trying several encapsulating cleaning products, the Releasit products also stand out on top. Thanks to everyone and keep up the excellent work!

 — Mike Becker

I was first introduced to your carpet cleaning chemicals from a conference I attended back in 2004.  Encapsulation was something new at that time but I was curious to see how it would work on our carpet here at The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN.  After watching you demonstrate the product and how it works, I was motivated to try it out.  So I brought several sample bottles back home with me and introduced it to the Housekeeping Team.  The results were fantastic!  The carpet cleaner we were using had trouble getting rid of tough stains.  It would appear to be clean but after it dried the “wicking” process would take place.  The same stains would reappear again and again.  But after using your encap carpet cleaning chemicals, the stains went away without “wicking” back.  Plus, it left a very clean smell behind.  So far, no other carpet cleaning chemicals have come close to the effectiveness of your product.  I must say, you have a satisfied customer here at The Tennessee Aquarium.

 — Michael A. Harper

I started my business 3 years ago with $900.00 and because of Excellent Supply's customer service, Releasit DS2's ability to clean very well and not damage just about anything, FiberPlus Pads to break up the dirt, and free training via their Forum, I am thriving in the commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. No one, and I repeat no one, has the customer service that Excellent Supply has. I guess that is way their name starts with EXCELLENT!  

 — Chris Garrison

Excellent Supply  -  Absolutely the BEST customer service!  Any and all of the staff are more than willing to help in any way possible.  Always cordial staff and orders are processed without delay.  

Releasit  -  ALL products are terrific!  They are the ONLY carpet cleaning products I use and I've yet to have a complaint about the carpets not looking great!  GREAT performance at a very competitive price....why change an Excellent thing?

Rick, I'm truly glad our paths have crossed.  You and your staff have helped me develop a nice business in a very short period of time.  I look forward to a continued EXCELLENT relationship with Excellent Supply!

 — Al Huntz

Excellent Supply, true to its name, has always given me outstanding service and value. When my Cimex was giving me issues, they were with me every step of the way through the repair process. Since then, my Cimex has transformed the results I get on my commercial carpet jobs. I do less work and get better results with the Cimex. I go to Excellent Supply for all my encap cleaning needs. 

 — Dave Wassenar

I've been using Excellent Supply’s Machines and Cleaning products for about 10 years now. After the first few years and evaluating my business I decided to go all commercial with their Encap Products. It was the most profitable, reliable, and easiest to do as I got older. The results are outstanding and have allowed me to grow my business every year.

Several things have made me successful in this business but the suppliers are critical. Their staff is outstanding and will jump through hoops to get you WHAT you need, WHEN you need it Rick, having been in the business using the products he sells, has always responded immediately to any little issue I might have had over the years with a quick fix that keeps me going. They are my primary supplier now and are paramount to my success.

 — Rick Lord

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