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  • Encap and The Environment
    October 29, 2019 Rick Gelinas

    Encap and The Environment

    Six Ways Encapsulation Helps the Environment 1. Less Water Consumption Encapsulation uses less water. Typically, each gallon of water will clean about 300 square feet of carpet. So we are taking less fresh clean drinking water from our environment. 2....

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  • February 25, 2019 Rick Gelinas

    Cimex VS. Vibe

    We sometimes get questions from customers asking how the Cimex compares to the Vibe. There is some crossover between the 2 machines. Both machines are excellent. And they also have some unique differences. Of course a lot of the decision...

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How To Perform Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

We've got what you need! We're here to help you expand your commercial carpet cleaning business. Our Releasit encapsulation detergents are rated the best in the industry. Our encapsulation products contain a brittle soil encapsulating polymer. We can help you learn how to use Releasit encap carpet detergents for encapsulation carpet cleaning. This encap polymer holds soil in suspension so it can be recovered during post-vacuuming. Releasit encapsulation is a low moisture solution. Experience high production cleaning and carpet that stays cleaner longer. You'll love the results!


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