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SPRAY MIST Disinfectant Sprayer Wand

Original price $299.00
Current price $279.00

SPRAY MIST Disinfectant Sprayer Wand

The Sandia Disinfectant spray wand is designed to dispense a fine spray of disinfectant. An extremely fine mist is required for disinfecting cleanable surfaces. This special disinfectant spray wand produces a mist. Connect it to the 80 psi battery-powered Penguin Sprayer, or to any standard 80-100 psi carpet extractor such as the Gecko, and you are ready for disinfectant application.


  • 24" stainless spray wand and lever
  • 25' 3000-psi hose
  • Teejet-1 spray tip
  • Teejet-2 spray tip