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MAX YOUR ENCAP! Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies
MAX YOUR ENCAP! Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies


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Used for Residential Accidents

I purchased Encap Release it for a friend whose son dog watches and walks. Some times different dogs **** on her carpets. This product takes smell and stain out wonderfully.

Smooth pad

Nice pad for the price. Used it once so far and stayed intact. It’s funny pads are like chemicals it’s hard to tell which one is better unless you do a side by side comparison on the same carpet. It is a smooth pad on like the white ones with green scrub stripes.if your cleaning late at night with your orbot and people are sleeping this is the pad. less vibration on the floor and good results.

Excellent product very handy

Big boy wheels

These are a must for anyone who has a Cimex. Easy to install. Great value

Duralast peach

This stuff is amazing and my customers love it!

Clean as can be

We used the HydroOxy to replace Kirbys oxy its cheaper does a better job sometimes it kill stains prior to even touching the carpet just spray it on and it eats it away.... Great product..

Worked well

Great product! I used it on a really nasty rent house and it worked very well. It took out every stain.

Owner and Operator

The Orbot Vibe is SUPREME, it is the best that I have used amongst its competitor the Mytee eco 17. The Orbot is smooth, easy to handle and quite. I love the fact that I don't have to put anything underneath the base when not in use. The Orbot is a good investment to have. To make your job easier and your time faster, get an Orbot Vibe. You won't regret it.

Real Deal Holyfield!!!

I purchased the sample kit to try on a few interiors that I detailed and wow!!! I hit the spots with the Encap Hydrox to dwell and then the DS2. I scrubbed with my drill brush and extracted. Less scrubbing and going over and over the area. This will save you time, which is money in the detailing world! Both Hydrox and DS2 are Bad @## !!

Great product, keeps dirt at bay, make vacuum easy.

Excellent Supply=Excellent Product

Been using this product (brush with the spotter product combo) for years at home and the company I work for uses it for clients as well. Works the best of any. Sorry I went off the rails and tried another brand. Never again!

Excellent Supply=Excellent Product

Been using this product (the brush comes with the spotter product) for years at home and the company I work for uses it for clients as well. Works the best of any. Sorry I went off the rails and tried another brand. Never again!

Great Customer Service

My cimex stop spinning and I didn’t know what the problem was . I called excellent supply they immediately told me that I needed a new belt . I ordered one it came in 2days , they also sent me video of how to change it. I was back up and running in 2days Thanks A million

Excellent product

Delivered as scheduled and nice and secure packing. I'm happy with this purchase

Great quality

Places an order and received it very quickly and received excellent service

Must Get

What I love about the sprayer is that it works when plugged directly to the wall when the battery is down. The best example I can describe about the sprayer is like picking up a fake plastic gun vs the real one. It just speaks for itself. Thank you excellent supply for being ahead on your stocking. Other companies would receive a payment and then write you an email that they don't have It. For all your carpet needs check with excellent supply first.

Excellent service

They always come through with excellent service. There have been times I needed help with my Penguin sprayer and they we're able to guide me through it. Also Excellent Supply sends out the parts I need immediately just within a few minutes. Thank you you for your great service.

HOS Orbot-Vibe Weight Kit 40 lbs
Reliable Cleaning Experts LLc
They do a great job

I bought these weights for scrubbing floors and they did a great job. I also used them on carpets and the results were excellent. Only problem is that they are too expensive and I don’t think they should be worth $325 but it’s a one time investment. Shipping was also very fast and customer service is as always great. Rod and Brian are excellent in helping and answering questions.

CRB brushes

The new brushes for my CRB arrived very fast.
The machine runs and performs just like it did when new. We also ordered tbe black brushes along with the blue.

Cimex pad holder

Great price and high quality. Honest service

Big wheel kit.

Awesome customer service. The most honest company I’ve ever used. 100% recommend.

Acrylic Test Kit

For the price, the box could be much sturdier. Product is good, but mainly bought it for the convenient carrying case and was slightly disappointed in the quality so we will look at some other options for these....

I'm feelin' the vibe!

Just got my Vibe a few weeks ago. Have used it a couple of times and I am extremely pleased with the quality of the machine and its ease of use! I would highly recommend this machine for anyone wanting to do virtually any type of carpet cleaning. Thank you very much.

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