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Great product and service

I always have good results using Excellent Supply products. Their customer service is second to none. Fast shipping.

100% complete kit

Easy to change out parts and gears, all parts worked and were better quality than manufacturing parts

Had a filthy rental carpet , pre-sprayed with punch and DS2 , Great job ! Owner was impressed ! Wil definitely use me in the future .

Works well

Does a very good job on carpet and upholstery in vehicles. Doesn’t make me cough like the all purpose cleaners do and it doesn’t stink. It’s a bit pricey but I feel I’m getting what I paid for!!!!

Great customer service

Just started with them and so far their customer service is excellent!

Restoring a dingy mat

The product arrived as scheduled. Did a demo to determine if releasit encap DS2 would be able to remove old dirt and revive an old mat. Encap DS2 delivered as advertised. Will provide additional feedback as soon as I get the opportunity to work on more troublesome dirty/stained upholstery.

Releasing sample 3 pack

Ordered the sample 3 pack (DS2, Hydrox, Encap Spot) Shipping was quick, packaged and sent the same day. received in 4 days.
I used it to clean my living room. I have 4 dogs so the room gets a workout, DS2 worked great & my carpet looks amazing.
Encap Spot works fast and is great for touchups between cleanings. I will be ordering more.

Great Specials with Fast service

I got my vibe in after talking to the guys at the store within one day time I know it’s a close market for me but really great special really great help and put me right on the job site to pay the bill off in one job thanks guys

Best Encap product out there

DS2 is beyond incredible. Hands down the best Encap product I've ever used, and I've tried a lot.

Works as promised

I’ve tried Encap spot and DS2. Both are great products. I have yet to try Punch, but I will soon. I’ve used the Encap spot on a car headliner and DS2 on a car seat stained with dried syrup. I’ll be buying gallons soon. Thanks.

Excellent products

I have used DS2 for over 10 years with a counter rotating brush machine and it is awesome. Also many times I apply soileze afterwards and have always been extremely satisfied. My customers love it as well.

The hydrox it's really good product the peroxide at excellent supplies carries great and very strong very good product

Excellent chemicals they work great I think they're just a little strong but that's just that's actually great for me in our for our customers that we could clean better

Vibe vs Cimex

Been using Cimex for over 8 years on commercial jobs with grey pads and DS2 which has been a winning combination. Used the Vibe for the last week with the grey pads and tried the grey microfiber with blue strip and while it isn’t as aggressive or fast as the Cimex it seems to do very well. It’s lighter and leaving carpet way dryer using much less chemical. I need more time to give a honest review but I am liking it so far. It is definitely better for residential use. Nice to have both for sure.

vibe floor machine

Excellent machine excellent customer service all around the company is awesome people that work in that company's awesome they're just so great people thank you excellent supplies


Very good products and service. I have been ordering from Excellent Supply for years and their pads are the best.

Releasit Encap-Hydrox Carpet Cleaning

We used this in our church to clean the water stains on commercial grade tan carpet. The carpet in the hallways are bright now and has a new look.

Spots Brush Kit

This spots brush kit works so good. I would recommend this tool and cleaner to everyone.


The best hardwood floor wax remover.

Works amazing

Works amazing and super fast shipping. Worth every penny

Releasit Sample 3-Pack FREE
Pristine Car Cleaning LLC
Encap DS2

So far I have only tried the Encap DS2 carpet cleaner. It is a fantastic product that cleans great. Carpets come out looking new and fresh.

Sorta kinda worked

To be fair I had a rust stain on the carpet in my office from a file cabinet that had been sitting on the carpet for a long time. This product got about half of the stain out, It certainly looks better than it did but it did not work like magic

We're sorry to hear that Rust Away didn't remove all of the rust stain. It's normally effective for the majority of rust spots on carpet. Perhaps the severity of this rust stain underneath a file cabinet for an extended period of time was too much to pull. You could try hitting it again. Sometimes multiple applications can help with extremely challenging spots and stains. And if you need assistance let us know.

EnCap fan!

My company has used EnCap for years.
Great product!
I have often wondered how
our company would have cleaned carpet without this product. Very versatile- commercial, area rugs, spot cleaning.
Thanks again Rick and Staff!

Works well on tile and grout

So far I have only used it on a large master bathroom white tile and grout. The grout was almost black with lots of hair spray. The brush quickly scrubbed it right out with the Orbot Vibe. Didn't even use the tile spinner. I rinsed with a Floorwash 5000 and then used a microfiber pad on the tile to finish. Turned out great!

"a must"

A must if you are using your Vibe for tile cleaning! And why wouldn't you use your Vibe on tile? Probably cut my tile cleaning time in half!
Using the splash guard on the vibe makes a huge difference!
Attach the rubber gasket as low on the velcro from the primary guard as you can!