Orbot 17" Splash Guard - HOSSG17

SKU: ORBO-1994

Sale price$199.80


Orbot Splash Guard for Hard Surface Floor Care

If you service hard surface floors with the Orbot Vibe or SprayBorg, the Splash Guard is a really nice addition! 

Consider adding the Splash Guard if you use your Orbot to provide any type of floor care service.... Tile & Grout cleaning. Wood floor cleaning. Marble, terrazzo, or concrete polishing. Floor stripping.

How it works: The primary guard surrounds the machine, while the rubber gasket rides across the floor surface. Prevents over-spray from splashing onto the walls and furnishings.

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Anselmo Conchas
"a must"

A must if you are using your Vibe for tile cleaning! And why wouldn't you use your Vibe on tile? Probably cut my tile cleaning time in half!
Using the splash guard on the vibe makes a huge difference!
Attach the rubber gasket as low on the velcro from the primary guard as you can!