Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 (1 Gallon) Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Products [Encap]

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Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Detergent

Encap-Clean DS2 is a unique low moisture encapsulation carpet detergent for high production commercial carpet care. Encap-Clean DS2 has set the standard in the industry for high-production encap cleaning. Highly concentrated and cost-effective. Powers through heavy soil build-ups, and leaves the carpet more soil-resistant. The results that encapsulation cleaning can produce using Encap-Clean DS2 are simply unmatched.

Fast Encapsulation Cleaning Production Rates:

Ideal for commercial carpet maintenance. Deep penetrating encapsulation cleaning. Dries to a crystallized residue. No rinsing is required. Reduces wicking and recurring spill stains. Safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber. The non-sticky encap residue will not attract other soil. Cleaning commercial carpet with Encap-Clean DS2 and a Cimex machine typically cleans at 2,000 - 3,000 square feet per hour.

Releasit® Encap-Clean DS2 Dries To A Crystal:

When Encap-Clean DS2 dries it imparts one of the best soil-releasing encapsulation crystals in the industry. A brittle encap crystal is formed that can be extracted from the carpet fiber through normal routine vacuuming. Releasit products contain a blend of high-quality encapsulation polymers. The large quantity of crystallizing polymer in the Releait line is what helps these products to encapsulate soil so efficiently.

Contains SOILEZE Fluoro-Protector:

There are four benefits to incorporating a Fluoro-chemical...
1) Encap-Clean DS2 helps the encapsulating crystal release more easily from the fiber.
2) Encap-Clean DS2 also lowers the surface tension of the encapsulation detergent and thereby increases wetting and cleaning ability.
3) Encap-Clean DS2 provides great anti-wicking properties.
4) Encap-Clean DS2 will leave the carpet more soil-resistant.

Releasit® Encap-Clean DS2 Is Safe:

Encap-Clean DS2 is extremely safe to use. The only ingredient that's even required to be listed on an SDS sheet is Isopropyl Alcohol (and that evaporates away). Encap-Clean DS2 has a near-neutral pH in its diluted form. So Encap-Clean DS2 is safe to use for cleaning synthetic fiber, most wool, and any other fiber that can be exposed to water.

Releasit® Encap-Clean DS2 Can Be Used In Many Encapsulation Cleaning Applications:

  • Cimex Machines
  • Cylindrical Brush CRB Machines
  • Orbital Machines
  • Rotary / 175rpm Swing Machine
  • Encap Bonnet/Pad Cleaning
  • Encap Spot Cleaning
  • Recurring Spill Treatment
  • Upholstery Brush Cleaning
  • Upholstery Encap Cleaning

Dilution rate: 4 ounces per gallon (safe for most wool and all synthetic carpet fiber) Cleans approximately 300 sq ft per gal of diluted RTU solution. Encap-Clean DS2 is highly concentrated, and since this is a LOW MOISTURE method, you will only need to apply it sparingly. Less is better, a little goes a  long way. You just want to see a very light whitening on the surface as you scrub the carpet.

PRE-CLEANING NOTE: As with all cleaning products - ALWAYS TEST any questionable fabric to establish (wet-cleaning compatibility and color-fastness) in an inconspicuous spot prior to cleaning.

To Order Samples: Releasit Sample Pack

SDS Sheet

Releasit vs sump oil



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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
James Goode
Releasing encap clean ds2

Works like it said amazing product must try

David Flores
Best results by far!!!!

I was given a sample to try out from a friend that cleans carpet professionally, I detail company vehicles for oil field workers and vehicle seats are in extremely bad conditions when they bring them in, I tried DS2 with my steam cleaner and carpet extractor and was amazed on how quick the seats got cleaned, my only regret is I didn't try it sooner, he offered me DS2 over a year ago, I could of saved a lot of time and money....DS2 is an amazing product I highly recommend this product....5stars!!!

Scott Bollinger
Thoughtful company

I received your package and hand written not and was blown away but the sincerity of your business. Thanks so much I look forward to future business.

David Todaro
great en-cap. but was a little foaming up pouring it in the 2gallon tank on the machine. had to ...

Looked good after time to settle. rat nasty commercial carpet , but tried fiber max pad, after while using it , chunks of plastic were flying off the pad. so went back to using fiber tan pads ,did well.

Seth Bell
Works great, easy to use

I own a mobile detailing business and for stained carpet and upholstery this is the best I've found.

Lavon Everett

Work great! Definitely improved my ability to get better results when detailing carpet and upholstery interiors

Brooks Jorgensen
Product Love

I love this product! I works amazing! Thank you for the speedy response as well. I will be ordering from here again.

Brady Hyland
Fast shipping

Looking forward to trying the product for the first time!

Works well

Does a very good job on carpet and upholstery in vehicles. Doesn’t make me cough like the all purpose cleaners do and it doesn’t stink. It’s a bit pricey but I feel I’m getting what I paid for!!!!

Restoring a dingy mat

The product arrived as scheduled. Did a demo to determine if releasit encap DS2 would be able to remove old dirt and revive an old mat. Encap DS2 delivered as advertised. Will provide additional feedback as soon as I get the opportunity to work on more troublesome dirty/stained upholstery.