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MAX YOUR ENCAP // Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Releasit Encap-Spot Encapsulation Spot Cleaner and Odor Remover (1 Quart 32 oz) Encapsulation Carpet

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One spot removal product. Remove an assortment of problem carpet spots. Effective!

Releasit Encap-Spot is a multi-purpose encapsulation spot cleaner and odor counteractant.

Powerful multi-purpose encapsulation spot cleaner
Encap-Spot is formulated with a powerful detergent blend and solvent that can be used on a wide variety of spots including water-based stains, petroleum-based stains, and many dye-based stains.

Encap-Spot does not need to be rinsed
Most spot removers require rinsing following spot removal treatment. If not rinsed, the spotter residue will immediately begin to attract soil. With Encap-Spot - the encapsulated spot residue can be extracted from the carpet with subsequent vacuuming.

Soil resistant
Encap-Spot imparts soil resistance that continues to work after the spot has been cleaned. Repels soil so the spot will not re-attract more soil, like some other spot removers.

Safe for stain-resist and all synthetic carpet:
Releasit Encap-Spot Dries to a Crystal When Encap-Clean dries it forms one of the best releasing crystals in the industry. A brittle crystal is produced that can be extracted from the fiber with routine vacuuming.

Contains SOILEZE Fluoro-Protector:
There are four benefits to using incorporating a Fluoro-chemical...

  1. It helps the encapsulating crystal release more easily from the fiber.
  2. It also lowers the surface tension of the detergent and thereby increases wetting and cleaning ability.
  3.  It provides great anti-wicking properties.
  4. It will leave the carpet more soil resistant.

Encap-Spot is also a powerful malodor counteractant.
It's formulated with a blend of Australian Tea Tree extract that can neutralize odorous carpet stains. Tea Tree has wonderful sanitizing properties. Melaleuca extract imparts a light, natural scent to the carpet. As you clean with Encap-Spot, odorous stains are quenched with a clean, natural fragrance - not overpowering.

PRE-CLEANING NOTE: As with all cleaning products - ALWAYS TEST any questionable fabric to establish (wet-cleaning compatibility and color-fastness) in an inconspicuous spot prior to cleaning.

SDS Sheet

Watch this short video to learn how Encap-Spot can help you remove 99% of the spots in carpet, upholstery, etc:

Here's a testimonial video from our customers using Encap-Spot for Auto Detailing:

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Clair Redmond
Used for Residential Accidents

I purchased Encap Release it for a friend whose son dog watches and walks. Some times different dogs **** on her carpets. This product takes smell and stain out wonderfully.

janet persons
Excellent Supply=Excellent Product

Been using this product (brush with the spotter product combo) for years at home and the company I work for uses it for clients as well. Works the best of any. Sorry I went off the rails and tried another brand. Never again!

John Cain
Better than expected

I was very surprised to see how this spotting product worked on urine stains, because I actually used it by mistake and was later advised to use the Hydrox instead for urine. The crystal broke up and released easily when dry and the difference was noticeable after the first pass with the vacuum. I’ll be saving this product for instant stain removal stains that I can catch just in time.

Michelle Dickerson
Great on a headliner

Used on the headliner of a car that I bought used for my son. It had been smoked in and had water stains from where the moonroof had been left open in the rain. I was super nervous to do anything that might cause the headliner to sag. This product let's you remove the stains gently without saturating the whole surface or using steam, which can break down the glue. Very happy with this product.

Amber Wentworth
Dr ordered miracl potion

Tuff on all stains no elbow work needed spray wipe stains vanish

Judith Kozak
Spot carpet cleaner

I have an old cat who is often sick on the carpet.
I have found this product excellent in cleaning up the mess.

Justin V.
Great Stain Remover

This stuffs is awesome at removing almost any stain! This stuff is still worth it!!!

Works great

Encap Spot Remover has proven to be a great spot remover. Love it!

Hawk Pro Detailing
Great stuff!

This stuff packs a punch -- great on car headliners and for stains in vehicles. I will be buying my next order by the case -- this and DS2 are fantastic products:)

gaie Souder
Spot stain remover

To be up front, I was offered a $10.00 coupon for review of product but offer was really wasn't necessary. I have used this product for many many years, just the best out there. The spot never comes back, great for furniture, rugs, cannot be without this product. gaie souder

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