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Orbot Multi Floor 17 inch Velcro Driver Plate MFVDP17


Orbot Multi Floor Velcro Driver Plate

Orbot Velcro Plate Replacement (Plate & Ring Combo)

The (Newly Designed 2018) Multi Velcro Driver Plate is specifically designed for all hard floors and carpet applications. This velcro disk fastens to the bottom of the driver with the velcro side facing towards the floor. This velcro disk system is what makes the pads stick to the driver. If the velcro driver plate needs replacing, simply take off the multi velcro driver plate and replace it with a new one. It's that easy!

Includes 2 Items: MFVDP17 Velcro Plate & MFVR17 Velcro Plate Ring

Orbot has started selling the Velcro Plate and the Velcro Retaining Ring as separate items. We bundle these together because we find that customers generally want/need both items when they order a new Velcro Plate.