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10 inch Cimex Wheel Set Upgrade #BW10KITC

by Cimex
Cimex has finally come up with a solution to the small stock wheels that come on the Cimex. There's now a set of 10 inch wheels that will fit onto the standard Cimex axles. These wheels will make it easier to transport your Cimex and go up and down steps. 

These wheels are solid core wheels. They do NOT have bearings. 

An additional option is our exclusive Big Boy Wheel Kit. The Big Boy Wheel Kit is something that we developed at Excellent Supply. the kit contains a set of smooth rolling semi-pneumatic 10-inch wheels with bearings. The kit also comes with a specially machined stainless steel axle that replaces the stock zinc plated axle that tends to corrode over time. And the kit includes a new tee-piece to replace the original tee-piece that may have fused to the original zinc axle. The Big Boy Wheel Kit is a more expensive option, but as you can see there are a few advantages to having smoother rolling wheels and a new stainless axle. But if price is thee deciding factor, these solid-core wheels will improve the way the Cimex rolls. Either option will certainly make a nice difference.

Cimex WHeel Options - Big Boy Wheel Kit