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3 inch Grindex Disc for Marble, Granite and Concrete

SKU INCH-05-1672

GRINDEX Lippage Removal Pads

Run 50-grit, then 100-grit GRINDEX pads, before starting with the 50-grit TORRENT resin pads. The GRINDEX pads will quickly flatten rough edges and lippage and leave the surface with a manageable scratch pattern. 
  • 3 inch beveled edge pads ride easily over lippage
  • Diamond impregnated metal-based pads
  • Leaves a smooth scratch pattern
  • Use wet or dry for Marble, Concrete, Terrazzo
  • Long lasting pads for rough grinding applications
  • Hook & loop backed quick load and release
  • 3-hole pattern compatible with standard concrete machines
  • Female hook & loop backing 3-hole system