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Cimex Big Boy Wheel Kit Upgrade 10 inch for all Cimex Machines

by Cimex

10 inch Semi-Pneumatic soft rubber wheel kit with Stainless Steel axle. Replace your stock Cimex 7.5 inch wheels with the New Big Boy Wheels! Sealed ball bearings and non-skid rubber. This is a phenomenal upgrade for the best carpet cleaning machine on the market. Make your Cimex carpet scrubber even better with this 10 inch wheel upgrade. The Big Boy Wheels are a game-changer for the Cimex!


  • Rolls on the carpet and on floors with less effort.
  • Machine rolls over curbs, steps, and bumps more easily. 
  • Makes it easier to transport the Cimex to and from the job site.
  • Includes stainless steel (upgraded the standard zinc plated axle).
  • Includes a new T-Piece, which may be required since the old axle corrodes.
  • Includes 10-inch semi-pneumatic wheels with sealed bearings.


Cimex Wheel Options - Big Boy Wheel Kit

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