Cimex Carpet Scrubber CR48 | 19 inch with Pad Drivers, 2 Gallons Releasit, Case FiberPlus Pads


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Cimex machine Package Special

The 19 inch  Cimex Carpet Scrubber (Cimex CR48 CM)
 The Cimex machine sets the standard for commercial carpet cleaning.  It's a  proven bulldozer for encapsulation cleaning. Combined with Releasit encapsulation detergent, the results are nothing short of amazing! It blows away wicking and recurring spill stains. The Cimex carpet scrubber mints money.  You can expect production rates of 2,000-3,000 square feet per hour. The  Cimex CR48 can also scrub all types of hard flooring.
Planetary Scrub Pattern:
 The Cimex carpet scrubber features counter-rotating triple PLANETARY 400  rpm cleaning head performance. Each of the 3 scrub heads spin at 400rpm  for powerful agitation. But high speed 400 rpm scrubbing. As the drive deck turns clockwise, the 3 scrub heads spin counter-clockwise. So you're actually scrubbing the carpet fiber from all directions at the same time. The effectiveness of 400 rpm planetary scrubbing is unmatched. And the planetary pattern cleans carpet without damage to the fiber. There's also no side-to-side torque so you can train new techs fast.

High Production = High Profit:
 You won't find a more efficient machine to power through commercial carpet. The rate of 2,000-3,000 square feet per hour is very reasonable to achieve. Do the math. If you charge .15 per sq ft and work at the midrange of 2,500 sq ft per hour - you'll generate $375 per hour. Those are real numbers! It's also equipped with a 6.6 gallon solution tank so you can cover large areas between refills.

Best Price And Great Customer Support:
 At Excellent Supply, we work up the best deals on these incredible scrubbers. And you won't find more attentive support - before, during, and after the sale. If you happen to find a lower price anywhere let us know and we'll help you land a deal that works for you. We want you to be happy!
Cimex CR48 19 inch Carpet Scrubber with Pad Drivers, 2
Cimex Big Boy Wheel Kit Upgrade

Safe for Carpet:
 Professional Testing Laboratory in Dalton Georgia has shown that a Cimex carpet cleaning machine using Releasit encapsulation carpet cleaning products and FiberPlus pads, making 22 PASSES on a commercial cut pile carpet, will not damage carpet...

The Cimex agitation is highly effective, plus it's safe for commercial carpet.

Cimex Test

the cimex cr61 carpet cleaning machine uses planetary action

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We provide FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 to any commercial address that has a loading dock or forklift. Or you can pick it  up at your local freight terminal. Call us to arrange shipping (727) 821-2020 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Scott DeRuyter
Great machine

I was formerly borrowing a 16 year old cimex and it was still going but this new one is a dream used it the next day after I got it , almost paid for itself already 😀

Dustin Overstreet
A great machine!- a great company!

I didn't realize that I never left a review for the Cimex I bought from Excellent Supply. I bought it years ago w/ the big wheel kit and it is my favorite piece of equipment. The scrubbing this machine does is unsurpassed. I have done and continue to do long stretches of rat nasty commercial (section 8) hallways and this thing does 100% better than my truck-mount ever did and with far less effort and water. I've also used it on tons of office buildings & bldgs attached to warehouses and it it works so much better than my other machines. I've been using Excellent Supply for many years now also and they are as close to a perfect a supplier as you will find. NEVER any issues and if I did have an issue they are on it like white on rice. I trust them completely. Their DS2 and Hydrox for coffee and pretty much anything else the DS2 can't handle, are the best products I've used. They just work and work great! If you are still hesitant to buy one of these after reading all these positive reviews I don't know what else to say. I was nervous when first plunking down my hard-earned money but so so so glad I did.

Note: The only suggestion I have is run some clean water through it when you get home or back to the shop so the lines don't gunk up. Also, if you pull the trigger and the solution doesn't come out the line is probably stuck together at the solution line "close-point". Just pinch the line open and that has worked for me every time. I have had zero issues with my Cimex.

Andy Thompson

I run maintenance at a large orthopaedic clinic. The building has approx. 6000 to 7000 patients a month so the carpet was heavily abused. My extractor was not doing a very desirable job. Leaving the carpet to wet and resorting to having to extract on Fridays. the cimax is awesome and very fast. I am extremely pleased and the staff members are amazed as well.

Felipe Silvestre

I am very satisfied with this Cimex! It is extremely useful. Highly recommend!

Mark Lamphear
Cimex the great time saver

Just purchased our 3rd Cimex and we use them more then any other piece of equipment in the shop. We went with the "big boy" wheel kit, was worth the extra money. If you do carpet cleaning and do not own one of these, you should. It cuts our job times in at least half and the carpets are never left "soaking wet". Our customers love what they see once we are done, or what they don't see, I should say.

Errol Mitchell

This is the best experience Ive had buying equipment and having my questions answered. The cimex works perfect for my commercial customers. It saves my back and cuts my time in half. I would recommend this machine and excellent supply to ANYONE!

Dawn Bogardus

Absolutely love this machine! Makes cleaning quick and easy with great profits!

James Ebner
One word AWESOME!

All I can say is WoW! I purchased the cimex for 35,000 square feet of carpet to clean. I have been in business 19 years as an owner operator doing hot water extraction. I had an opportunity to clean a large building did research and found Excellent Supply. Their name says it all they are Excellent. Looking forward to more opportunities to use the cimex.

John Cozy

Absolutely the best equipment for encaping commercial jobs on the planet!!

Jacques Martin

I was very pleased with my cimex. It is very useful for commercial use. I also received it promptly and on time.