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CTI Pro's Choice RED RELIEF 32 oz (makes 1 Quart) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Stain Remover

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Products -

RED RELIEF (red dye stain remover) - 2 parts A and B

The original and still the best 2-part red stain remover. Now you can totally remove food and drink dye stains like Kool Aid and Gatorade.

Not a heat transfer type product (you do use heat to activate the product) Actually alters the stain color to make it disappear.

Mix equal portions "A" and "B"

pH at dilution: 6
Container Size: 2 16 oz. bottles = 1 quart
Form: Liquid
Dilution: Mix equal portions "A" and "B"

(Not meant for use on natural fibers).

View the MSDS "A" and "B"