FiberPlus Carpet Cleaning Pads 17 inch (case of 5) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies

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FiberPlus Carpet Cleaning Pads  are ideal for carpet scrubbing .

These soft synthetic pads are uniquely fortified with an elastomeric property that adds to their durability. They're well suited for scrubbing carpet with the correct degree of agitation. FiberPlus pads can also be used for light floor scrubbing.

Why scrub carpet with Carpet Cleaning Pads rather than brushes?
Consider this illustration: you have a greasy frying pan to clean. You could get it clean by scrubbing it with a scrub brush, but if you scrub it with one of those green kitchen pads the pan will clean up even easier. Why? Because the pads make more surface contact. So when we scrub a carpet with a pad the same principle holds true. We have better agitation and we use less solution to get the job done.

FiberPlus pads are durable. They last approximately 7,000-10,00 square feet per installation when used for carpet cleaning.

FiberPlus Measure Pad Wear

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
zachary conkin

They took care of all my problems! Such amazing customer service. They called me, to personally make sure I was happy.

Carey Wiles
Excellent on all types of carpet !

Excellent for pre scrub, agitating pre spray or even primary cleaning pad. Beats the old shower feed brushes, better and more consistent cleaning. Thank you!!

Michael Craig
These are the pads you are searching for

These pads are 'excellent'! They clean commercial carpet very well and do not wear out fast like a standard floor buffer pad, like those red ones. These actually absorb lots of soils too. FloorCareMD Highly recommends

Stephen DiCrispino
Great product

I used the pads on commercial carpets in a library. Did a great job. Customer was very happy.

Jeff Charles

These pads are now my go to pad for most of my cleaning requirements. The fiber pads pick up a lot of soiling and getting better dry results. I Use these for cgd in restaurants and offices as well as wall to wall in residential and commercial. Restaurant carpet is also cleaning up better. In non grease cleaning the pads can actually be removed need clean and used a few times.

Douglas DeLoach

We've tried other pads with Releasit, but always come back to the FiberPlus pads from Excellent Supply. We get superior results, they are long lasting and you can't beat their customer service. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Melvin Amos

These pads are useful for pre-scrubbing on some residential carpets. Follow-up with microfiber pad and you are all good!

Kurt Gardner

I started using the 8" pads for my Cimex and was pleased so I decided to try these for my OP machine. The results are great and the pads hold up very well. They exceeded my expectations!

Andrew Morbito
Office cleaner

I used the FiberPlus pads with DS2 and I was extremely pleased with the results. The pads cleaned deeply but at the same time were gentle enough so as not to damage the carpet fiber. I would highly recommend this product to anyone cleaning commercial carpet.