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Link 63 - Aluminum Ramp LWS40-24-63 (63 Inch) for Carpet Cleaning Machines and Equipment


The Link 63 aluminum equipment cargo ramp (63X24 inch) by Link Manufacturing:

29 Lb Weight | 500 Lb Capacity

This a is perfect ramp for pulling carpet cleaning machines and equipment up into a truck or van. The 63 inch ramp is ideal for low style vans, trailers, and trucks and vans. Most of the newer full-sized vans have a lower step-in height than older vans, which makes this versatile ramp perfect for a wide range of vans. This is our most popular ramp. It's possible to use the 63 inch ramp with a taller truck, however the angle of the ramp may be excessively steep. Longer ramps such as our 84" Link Fold bi-fold ramp are better suited for taller vehicles. 

Link Manufacturing makes the best solid aluminum ramps you can buy. Their ramps have an amazing grip tread pattern that will prevent you from slipping. These are ideal for loading Cimex machines, scrubbers, portable extractors, etc. If you need any unique ramp sizes or special configurations, give us a call and we can get you set up with a great ramp from Link that will fit your needs.

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