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Link Fold Ramp 81x24 bi-fold aluminum ramp LWS40-24-81


The Fold 81 aluminum equipment cargo ramp (81X24 inch) by Link Manufacturing

37 LB Weight | 500 LB Capacity

The 81" folding ramp from Link Manufacturing is spot on perfect for loading your equipment. The 24" width is just the right size for common cleaning machines. At 81 inches in length, this professional grade bi-fold ramp can be used with 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, or 1 ton trucks and vans. The Fold is a solid bi-fold aluminum ramp that's rated at 500 pound capacity. Yet it only weighs 37 pounds! And when it's folded it's just 40" long. This is the most popular sized bi-fold ramp for the commercial carpet cleaner. Save your back, protect your equipment, achieve safety, and add a level of professionalism with this well built folding ramp from Link.

Link Manufacturing makes the best solid aluminum ramps you can buy. Their ramps have an amazing grip tread pattern that will prevent you from slipping. These are ideal for loading Cimex machines, scrubbers, portable extractors, etc. If you need any unique ramp sizes or special configurations, give us a call and we can get you set up with a great ramp from Link that will fit your needs.

Please Call To Order 1-800-330-1888