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MAX YOUR ENCAP! Your Source For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Microfiber GLIDE 19 inch Gentle Microfiber Bonnet

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Leahy
Very well made microfibers

These are my go to cleaning pad for residential cleaning they're easy on the fibers and easily mop up the dirt and moisture from the carpet. Sometimes I will follow up with a cotton bonnet but most of the time I don't. I do a thorough cleaning on all my jobs and these pads get me there I will order them again. Thank you ES

Vincent Hunter
19 in . Glide pad

Residential carpets. I used this to clean my own carpet when I got a new op machine . It did a good job I will be using more of these in the future.

Lorenzo Irving

Great product and customer services!

Lorenzo Maldonado

Haven't use it yet, but seems it will soak in the soil.

Brandon Duff
Microfiber Glide

The absorption and durable of these bonnets is amazing. I highly recommend them.

Mark Baker
Owner / Operator

These pads hold up against my Orbot better than most. They maintain their Stich and Shape well. However, I find that the internal Fill is too thin. I wish they had a thicker Fill product in them.


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