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NaceCare DP420 Duplex Hydrowasher Low Moisture Carpet Extractor Carpet Cleaning Machine


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After filling the solution tank of the Duplex DP420 and setting the brush height adjustment, simply squeeze the trigger to feed water to the twin counter-rotating brushes to scrub surfaces with an aggressive and efficient cleaning action. Because the brushes of the Duplex DP 420 agitate the carpet and lift the pile, these units are powerful traffic lane cleaners. What a wonderful commercial carpet cleaning machine.

Twin conveyors lift the dirt-filled solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank. Or you can choose to double scrub the area and recover the moisture later.

The DP420 Duplex carpet cleaning machine can be used for low moisture extraction, pile lifting, and encapsulation carpet cleaning (one of the best green carpet cleaning practices in existence). This mid-range sized carpet cleaning machine is the most popular of the versatile Duplex range. Remember this commercial carpet cleaning machine has twin contra-rotating brush floor cleaning machine, making it suitable for all flooring surfaces, effective on hard floors, carpets, safety flooring, and entrance matting. Cleaning width of 420 mm (16 inch model), the machine cleans, scrubs and picks up the dirty water. Its brushes are offset to one side and the machine cleans in both directions. This allows 'right to the edge' cleaning, alongside walls and into corners. A range of easily interchangeable brushes are available to suit any particular floor surface.

The NaceCare DP420 Floor Scrubbers are extremely effective carpet cleaning machines.

  • Carpet Mill Approved
  • Can clean virtually any floor surface
  • Very effective on grouted tile and rubberized floors
  • Also cleans carpets, hardwood, profiled ceramics
  • 2 counter-rotating brushes that scrub the surface with aggressive action
  • Twin conveyors lift the dirt-filled solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank
  • Brush options include 2 grades of black brushes for regular or aggressive scrubbing
  • Excellent as a replacement for bonnet cleaning or interim cleaning
  • Great restoration machine used in conjunction with hot water extraction



Brush Motor: 1000 W/ 1.3 HP

Cleaning Path: 14"

Brush Speed: 780 RPM

Brush Pressure: 70 lbs.

Capacity - Solution: 1.6 gal.

Capacity - Recovery: 1.0 gal.

Weight: 70 lbs.

Voltage: 120 V/ 60 Hz