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REAL GOOD Chemical Resistant Sprayer with Quart Bottle


REAL GOOD SPRAYER - Chemical Resistant Sprayer with Quart Spray Bottle

LIMITED STOCK - 4 Sprayers Per Customer Order

Most spray bottles fail because chemicals eat up the o-ring seal. And a decent "chemical-resistant" sprayer can get pricey. Yeah, we hate that too! So we went about sourcing a high-quality sprayer that's bulletproof. We wanted a sprayer that was not only chemical-resistant but also had high output, solid durability, and produced an even spray pattern. And we wanted to keep it affordable too. Well, we finally found a "Real Good Sprayer" (hence the name). Then we mated it with a "Real Good" bottle. There you have it... The Real Good Sprayer. 

Viton® Seal
Chemical Resistant 
Hi-volume Output
Even Spray Pattern
Built To Last

Embossed Dilution Scale
Translucent Green Color
32 Ounce  Capacity
Tapered Neck

Unsurpassed Chemical Resistance

Viton® O-ring and piston cup hold up against the harshest 

chemicals, even D-limonene

Long Lasting

Outer body protects piston assembly to prevent damage 

during use and storage

Less Fatigue

Up to 40% greater output per stroke significantly reduces 

the number of times you pull the trigger.

Saves Time

High output and an extra-large even-spray pattern make 

quick work of any job


Durable construction outlasts cheap sprayers, yet sells for half 

the price of other premium chemically resistant sprayers.